Saitek Multi Panel stopped working

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I haven't flown for about 5 months and between then there have been several windows updates to windows 10, pugged all my Saitek Gear in and all fine except the multi panel (autopilot etc)not recognised at all ie no ding when I plug it in ,radio panel switch panel and FIP,s all ok   Tried in various USB ports .

Went to saitek website to ensure had the latest drivers and that  page appears to be just a holding page now. If  go to the product page it says no api available for it , I don't want to use spad anyone know the link for the latest sbaitek drivers ?  Or has the  mutipanel gone past it's sell by date in fsx now ? 

Any suggestions appreciated , thanks



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Update, its my multi panel, instrument and switch panel gone pear shaped.  4

The FIP's which always were a pain are fine!

Saitek Joke & Pedals  fine !

Found some software  FSX_Plugin_x64_Software.exe on Logitech's website 

Software Version:

Last Update: 11-MAY-2017

OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

File Size: 3.7 MB

ran it with Panels unplugged, no joy,  with them plugged in no joy.

do I need to  uninstall something or start again from  scratch? or edit some file from somewhere?  Arg   ;-(


When FSX is running I see in task manager

SaiFlightSimX.exe (32 bit)  x 2

Saitek MFD File System Driver

Saitek SST Profile Launcher





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After half the night got it all working  after a driver reinstall all accept for one thing   The mutipanel works in that all the buttons and switches and knobs work. BUT. The red display doesn't display the changing figures. In fact the display is blank. Ok I can watch it in the vc but I'm a bit OCD getting it all to work , any suggestions anyone ?  For this testing purpose using the default  Learjet .  I suppose maybe the display has failed as its quite old now but I still suspect it's a software setup problem 

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