Aerosoft Axxx series OVH panel toggle or on/off

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I am Struggling to understand the module logic if somebody could shed some light on why one action works for one assignment and yet not another and yet 

 can I assign  a latched switched to a Fuel pump to be on when pressed and off when released ( pressed again to let it spring out) a simple state on or off


I can only use the Toggle state for the same style switches wen I assign to Gen, Eng  Bleed, anti ice wing and eng  APU master SW and APU start,  if I use on  and off they cycle after a few seconds if the switch is pressed  from  and off position to an on position (latched) they correctly register as on but then promptly go off  on pressing the button again to what should be the unlatched position ( logically OFF) they register on and then promptly cycle to off. 

all the assignments work in the sim except some have to be assigned a toggle and some can use the on/off

All switches are being run through a leo bodnar  I/O board

If anyone can shed some light on this phenomena



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Hi Steve

I will see if I can help with your problem. LINDA responses to a change in state of any device buttons or switches. LINDA reacts to the OnPress (make), OnRepeat and OnRelease (break) state changes.

For momentary buttons (one that is ON when pressed and OFF when released) you should use the TOGGLE function assigned to the OnPress action. This will normally test for the current state of a button and toggle from on-to-off or off-to-on accordingly.

For switches or latching buttons (stays on or off depending on position) you need to assign the ON function to the OnPress action and the OFF function to the OnRelease action. The state will be 'latched' until you change it.

For buttons that are held pressed by the user (i.e. engine start or view zoom in/out) you need to assign the ON function to the OnPress and OnRepeat actions. The OnRelease action is normally left unassigned unless you want something else to happen when you release the button.

Ideally, you should not rely on OnRepeat for a long period as this means LINDA will constantly call a function and this will degrade performance.

I hope this helps your understanding. Please come back if you have further questions.

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