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Hey guys, I am a bit late to the party. I was looking for a mid range/ mid speed prop aircraft to use with fseconomy and this could be one of the choices, as PMDG and A2A sadly only have too big or to small airplanes. :(

Now I tried to research and I am a bit hesitant regarding all the system stuff I read in connection with Carenado. I mean for fifty bucks I can get an A2A plane with all the detail it provides. Now this is not far off price wise, so it has to have some basics to make it worth the while.

Now I learned already that vnav is inop, that is a bummer but I could manage. How about the default FMC's ability to fly SIDs? Can you enter them as a SID in the cockpit? And can I load airways with their entry and exit points? That would be a must. Neither do I want to punch in every way point if I have to divert because of weather nor do I want to create a plan outside and load it. Eventhough I have the GTN from Flight1 I'd love to use the FMC. Otherwise every plane will feel samey... also the Airac is getting quite old now there. This leads me to my second question. Fsaerodata/ Navigraph has dialed my sim experience to eleven. If the plane has SIDs, can I update it via Navigraph? I searched to the best of my abilities but found no indication whether or not this is possible with this plane.


Your help is greatly appreciated :)

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