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  1. Understood. Yeah this solved another problem I had with the new B350. Now it is doable for me with the SDK documentation. This really helped me a lot.
  2. Ah thank you for dragging a noob through here 😄 I thought if the BVar is not collected it would not work. Now it all makes sense. And it works!!! You made my day.
  3. Hmm okay, I cannot find the Handling BVar. Well it was worth a shot. I will see if I can find anything on this. It bothers me to no end that this thing eludes me. I can set it via XMLVar InterSep but that does not do the animation and I like to see things move 😄 Thanks again. https://imgur.com/a/6lgVhsc
  4. Should be the same I guess here then. It is the template that has that. So that would go in the setter, right? And then DeIce_Engine1 in the getter? That never showed a 1 on myLVar for me though. I'll give it a shot. Thank you for your reply
  5. Hey, has anyone sucessfully mapped the inertia separator for the 208B Analog? I am stumped on this and could not get it to work <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_HANDLING_Lever_InertSep_Template"> <NODE_ID>HANDLING_Lever_InertSep</NODE_ID> <ANIM_NAME>HANDLING_Lever_InertSep</ANIM_NAME> <PART_ID>HANDLING_Lever_InertSep</PART_ID> <WWISE_EVENT_1>trimlock_lever_on</WWISE_EVENT_1> <WWISE_EVENT_2>trimlock_lever_off</WWISE_EVENT_2> <ANIM_LAG>100</ANIM_LAG> <INVERT_SWITCH_ON_CONDITION>True</INVERT_SWITCH_ON_CONDITION> </UseTemplate> This seems to be the used template. I tried the (L:myLVar, Bool) (B:DeIce_Engine1, Bool) != if{ (&gt;B:DEICE_ENGINE1_TOGGLE) } mapping with sync but in that scenario myLVar does not even get set. Maybe I am doing something wrong there already. I am stumped and any help would be appreciated.
  6. If you mean stuttering in the sim while looking around try to set the off screen terrain pre caching higher (preferably to ultra). No Stutters for me on pc that is arguably lower spec than yours (5800x, 3080) I had the most horrific stutters when flying the CJ4 the other day (normally flying low and slow) and could not make heads or tails from it. Then all I changed was that setting, that I somehow hates to low. Difference is night and day. Needs more resources, sure. But is not constantly causing loading lag, because of you looking around with TIR
  7. Interesting. I set Off Screen Terrain Pre-Caching to Ultra to get rid of the stutters while looking around and it worked a treat. As this essentially removes the unloading and reloading of objects.
  8. I thought I might necro this, I just bought the https://www.facebook.com/lukeclip/ lukeclip v2. It works as a wireless track clip pro. I was in the same boat about eye tracking because I got annoyed with the cable on my wireless headset from the track clip pro. I got this instead of the eye tracking, mounted it to the side of my headset which has a magnetic sideplate. Now I can take the emitter off for charging and everyday headset use and my track IR has seen quite a lot more use.
  9. Yeah, was thinking about that as well. But it is the same thing as the flight1 was back in the day. Hampered by not being navigraph capable and too expensive in the garmin subscription.
  10. Yeah me too (albeit two smaller ones). And it works a treat with the FMS of the CJ4 for example. But wanting to fly something like the TBM with its touch screens, no dice 😞 I can undock and move the native touch panels to the touch screens but not use them for input... I cannot fathom why they chose to not implement this and even less why there is a need to not forward the basic flight controls once the mouse is over said docked out panels either...
  11. I would so love to use my GTN 750 on an external touch screen or have the G3X Controls docked out and touch those or whatever touch sensitive interface that is in the game. However while air manager works flawlessly and touch works on docked out windows in FSX, P3D and Plane it does not in MSFS. Controls lock up and joystick inputs are not recognised anymore, when MSFS loses focus to its own windows (not other ones like a browser on a different screen mind you) and the touch input is not recognised. I made a bug report on zen desk but never heard of it again, I made a bug post but that garnered like 10 votes. Is no-one suing touch screens or am I just doing something wrong and it works for everybody else who does?
  12. No. And no need to be snide. It is just so tiring to see planes being revealed months before their actual release, potenitally delayed and then they turn out not so much as they are made out to be. A pattern that is nicely followed for MSFS quite often now. Rather have two or three weeks notice for an actual nice product that then gets released.
  13. Lol, okay. Come back in August then. Tired of hype, need to see more actual good planes for the sim. /Thread.
  14. Also lorbies AAO can do that, even over network. Though not as touch compatible as Air Manager. But also not as expensive.
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