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  1. Gerald thank you for your comprehensive reply and effort. Will try the new patch tonight. 🙂
  2. Version 2.8.78 actually made things worse sadly. I can now hardly click anything in the client window. I reset settings and tried to select my tts voice again and had a hard time getting the menu to change. It would only work after clicking what felt to be a thousand times. The rotating heading and the wrong altimeter are still there. The radio frequencies that worked before are now broken too. It plays a clicking sound for 30s and then the frequency is not changed. The Nav 1 course gets set correctly though 🙂 Tested in the TBM and the Longtitude. Strange. As to why use it even in a 172, it makes stuff that is really hard to see or to dial in soooooo much easier. Hence I always have a co pilot. Even in a single seater. Especially in VR.
  3. First thank you for the free update. No small feat, Can I donate a couple bucks someplace? I am on the latest MSFS and I have the problem that in the tbm any heading or altimeter adjustment (like set heading 090, or altimeter standard) will result in the knobs turning without end. Also the program will not respond to a cancel order then. Also did I screw up something on my installation? After startup I get a "Failed to locate Voxkey Commands profile! Custom Commands will be ignored for this session." Tried reinstalling still the same. Downloaded MCE an hour ago, so I guess I am on the latest version there as well.
  4. Pretty much this. I use a lot of commercial software with copy protection. None of them require antivirus or UAC to be turned off. I set up a new machine for MSFS 2020 and I said to myself that this time I will not accept copy protection that forces me to do such things. Be it from Flight1 or Rex or whomever else. I would give this software a shot, but flight sim addon developers really need to get a grip on their „security“ measures. Maybe most of the people here are not bothered by this, good for them. I for one will not install potentially malicious software that is not able to pass industry standard security checks.
  5. I totally enjoy it. And what I also enjoyed was getting rid of all the addons with their predatory anti piracy measures for P3D. No more antivirus exceptions. If it is not sold in the ingame store I will not buy it anymore. No more hassle with shops going offline or paying for key recoveries... The platform as a whole is what I really enjoy so far.
  6. So quiet... did anyone get it yet? How's the engine model?
  7. and another update. I cannot edit the topic anymore. So shameless push 🙂 Milviz Beaver 1.11 v1.11 - fixed battery - fixed cabin lights/nav lights - added animation to primer Deimos
  8. And already updated... Fixed a typo and finally figured out the fuel selector switch v1.1 - fixed pitot typo - added fuel tank selector switch Hey guys, I love flying the Beaver around and just stitched this together to help me mainly with carb heat and primer. I thought I'd share. If something does not work, let me know. Milviz Beaver 1.1 Deimos
  9. Oh and also yeah tubeliner upgrades. If anyone else like me does not fly them, this is still a great product to get. I use it in VR VFR and works a treat. So even if you do not find your plane on the additional planes list, this works great for frequencies on com and nav radios and navigation in general. Also for systems control like lights and pressure setting. I use it all the time whilst flying online Cheers
  10. Thank you. I appreciate the answer 🙂 A simple no would also have sufficed, there was no reason to be snide. I was just wondering because iirc there was no mce for xplane when I bought it. Nice product that I will also buy for xp11 then 🙂
  11. And I am a license holder of the Ultimate Edition. Is there any way to receive a discount on buying the XPlane product or does the license even extend?
  12. No, I returned both and of course uninstalled prior to the return. The model is half decent but the utterly broken g1000 saps all the joy out of it. There are also some AP bugs, long known but not fixed and at least for me it is super heavy on the frames. There have been zero fixes on the v4 release and given Carenados track record there may as well never be one. It was the first and last plane from them for me. Maybe there is a GTN 750 mod out there that makes it more enjoyable for some, but for me having that in virtually every GA plane makes it boring as well.
  13. Thank you for the answer. I have since returned the product and not looked back :)
  14. Now if only Majestic made a c208... I‘d be all over a smaller accurately simulated single turbo....
  15. It did not work for me and I am glad I could get a refund eventhough I was a little over the 30 days. Traffic reset every time you opened a menu or something made the loading bar appear. That eventually lead to not having much traffic enroute for me. All the Ai planes seemed to fly at the same altitude as it is the case with default traffic leading to a lot of congestion if when the traffic did work. planes sit on airports for days on end, eventhough they were scheduled to take off. And every once in a while UTL would crash in a manner that no sim connect application would function anymore. Also the config program would be switching back and forward from saying that it would configure FSX instead of P3D for me. Which is quite odd as FSX has never been installed on my system. May be just a visual bug, may be something deeper. There were issues for me, not saying they will be there for you. What made me refund is that this was being a beta with zero contact from the actual dev and no visible progression at all. No (status) updates or anything. And since at least I consider the 45€ or so quite pricey I returned it and have not looked back.
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