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Sim Rig Setup Recommendations

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I'm looking to build a decent flight sim setup for my home office. I've already have the following system and would prefer to not upgrade anything (with the exception of *possibly* the video card):

  • i7-4790
  • 32Gb Ram
  • EVGA GeForce GTX 980
  • Samsung 850 500Gb SSD
  • Pro Flight Yoke and Throttle/Prop/Mix
  • MFG Crosswind Pedals

I have a Volair Sim chassis on the way, but would like to get some monitor recommendations. I don't have a wide open wallet and I'm trying to keep the cost within reason. I'm not a gamer, so I don't want to invest in top of the line gear since this will be used exclusively for P3D.

I have been considering a three monitor setup to compliment the Volair chassis, but I’m open to suggestions. My first though was going three wide in 27”, but then I thought about trying to save a little and going 27” in the center and 24” on the sides.

So far, I've looked at the following monitors:

  • Qty 3. - Dell P2715Q 27' 4k - Nice monitor, but the response time seems to be 5ms.
  • Qty 3. – Dell U2718Q 27” 4k – Newer release with decent specs and a thin bezel. 5ms response as well.
  • Qty 3. - Acer CB281HK 28" 4k - Lower end monitor with word not allowed speakers (not an issue), but does have decent specs.

Also, I'm not opposed to upgrading the video adapter if needed, but it would have to come a bit later.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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4k on a 27" monitor is a bit of a waste. 2560x1440 looks very good on that size of monitor and 3 monitors of that resolution would cost a lot less. Not to mention that your GTX 980 would then stand much more of a chance of driving them - 3x4k monitors would definitely overload your existing graphics card.

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Thanks for the response. I've been researching this a bit and have come to the same conclusion: the GTX 980 would have to go. I already have two older 24" Dell LCDs and I'm going to hang on to them until I can upgrade both to 27" 2560x1440. In the mean time, I bought a 34" LG 34UC79G-B that runs at 2560x1440 with IPS & 144hz refresh rate for the center. The reviews on the LG seem pretty good overall and the price was right. My plan is now to use the center monitor for flight, the left 24" for instruments and the 24" on the right for procedure charts, weather, etc. This arrangement should keep my FPS from taking a hit trying to drive all three for flight at the same time. Overall this should give me a pretty good upgrade and not empty the wallet.

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