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Here are my system specs:

MSI Vortex, Intel 7700 3.6GHZ, Nvidia 1060 GTZ 3GB Ram, 8 Megs system Ram, Windows 10

If you have a comparable system or plan on buying one, P3dV4 will work great once you adjust it's settings.  Max it out, then lower the AA, Autogen, AI and Texture sliders to adjust for your preferred performance. You will find a sweet spot without having to tweak a config or ini file, or your Nvidia settings.  Check out my screenshots in the forums, with photoreal scenery installed, I get great performance even with some AI around. I've only tweaked autogen and texture size down one notch, I did not notice a difference.  I don't want autogen covering my photoreal scenery, it's a matter of choice.

My system was advertised as a gaming machine, and that's exactly what it has been for me.  It cost about $1200 including tax and a VGA adapter cable.  There were more expensive PC's out there, but I did not take the bait, just got what I felt would work.  And I made the right decision, the MSI machine has been rock solid stable since I bought it a month ago, hasn't locked up once despite my opening and closing of the sims.  The salesman listened to what I wanted before he brought me to this machine, and he cut the price when I purchased it.  Gotta love Fry's if you have one in your city.  They helped me at work when I needed to run some Cat-5 cabling for a client back in '99.  I was able to get the cable, ends and crimper from them, saving my client hundreds of dollars to call in a network specialist.

A Canadian French network specialist helped teach me the proper connection method, where a previous specialist did not know what to do.  He did not charge me or my client for his service, he said he just wanted them to advertise his work.  I told my client to use him for support, which they did.  From one colleague to another, we did what we could to help the client, since they were short on cash.  I subsequently published the correct cabling methods for the rest of my colleagues since none of us were trained to cable a client.  Unions would butt in and say we shouldn't, but we helped, not wanting our clients to be held hostage by outrageous prices.  I did not always run cable, if a client insisted I would not, per our contract with them.  But if they were in need and needed helped and treated my team politely, I would do what it took to get the job done.


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I spent a week in Chicago back in the early 90s waiting on the Union to show up and cable up some Unix machines I had was a great week as there was nothing for me to do but explore the city each day.   I finally called up the boss and explained I could spend another week here waiting, but he said heck, just go ahead and take the next flight home.

Great times!

The entire time I was exploring the city, I had no idea a few short years later I'd be living here.





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