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Hello Folks!

I am trying to use only LINDA to manage my Saitek panels and I have to say I got very glad to know that 3.0.x family of LINDA is now dong this.

However, I am facing two major issues on this process. In order to make myself clearest I've made a short video showing that. Please find the link below.

I am running LINDA 3.0.3, FSUIPC 5.103 and P3D v4

1) Multi Panel is displaying the values correctly whenever changed by the simulator but the opposite does not work. When changing values on the Saitek rotary knob, it is not updated on the PMDG 737 

2) Radio panel is almost all black, except on mode DME that shows only a 0 at the left and on XPDR mode, when only altimeter adjust is displayed. It happens with any airplane, not just with PMDG 737.

The same two issues happen with FSX-SE. 


Thank you in advance for your support.


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Hi Decio

Thank you for your query about Saitek Panels using LINDA. Earlier this year I managed to refine the Saitek Panel operation for FSX Default aircraft. I plan to address the issue you highlighted this winter when I can sit down at the computer to 'play'. The problem is that many of the more sophisticated aircraft, like PMDG 7x7 and Aerosoft Airbus, do not fully implement the FSX default settings. LINDA relies on FSUIPC offsets to access course, speed, altitude and heading. Although the PMDG 737NGX writes data to these offsets for CRS you will find it does not for HDG and ALT. Neither does it read changes in this offsets for its on-screen/virtual cockpit displays. Additional code is required for each different aircraft (based on that aircraft's SDK) to perform this link. This is what I intend to work on.

The cause of your second point point is likely to be that you are running FSX on Windows 10. Win10 changes the power management to reduce energy usage. This results in Windows not providing sufficient power to illuminate all LED segments on your radio panel. You need to locate the USB port and turn off power management for that port. You will find details by searching Google.

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Hi ScotFlieger:

Thank you for your prompt answer here.

Regarding issue #1, I am looking forward for your winter! :-)

However, issue #2 is still a chalenge. I indeed have trouble with USB power management in the past, but it was already fixed by a little DOS program I've downloaded.

It used to affect both my Multi and Radio panels. After fixing it, both panels work fine with SPAD. The problem I am facing only happens when LINDA is taking 100% control of the panels. Besides, when LINDA starts, Radio panel display is filled up with "-"s, what means that all digits are working. I also have my panels connected to a self-powered USB-hub, so the energy is not provided by the computer.

Sorry to insist on this but I'd be glad to have it all working under LINDA. Any ideas or tips will be very appreciated.


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