FSX 'Minimizes' and Pauses at Random times

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Greetings All,

Ok, here's a weird one: after maybe an hour, sometimes half-an-hour, while flying a long-haul flight in a 777 or 747v3, FSX will just minimize to the task bar and pause itself. I used to have this issue years ago, but it had stopped. Now, it is behaving like this on every flight.

As an example, I'll take of from KSFO to YSSY in real-time (weather being AS16) and reach initial cruise altitude. Then, sometimes I'll hit the bunk (literally), but when I awaken and "head back to the cockpit", FSX will be minimized to the task bar, and upon waking it up and maximizing, I find that I've only traveled maybe 500nm and have ~6,000nm to go! in other words, it minimized and paused probably minutes after I went to sleep. 6 hours should have transpired, but didn't as FSX minimized itself(!)

The only change in my setup has been that I had to rename (erase) my FSX.cfg and have FSX rebuild itself. I made the usual HIGHMEMFIX tweaks and all of that, and everything works very well...except for this random 'minimizing'. It is driving me nuts.

Any ideas, Captains?

Thanks in advance.

Patrick Bell

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i remember reading about this a long time ago and in that case it was an antivirus software that was trying to pop up a notification so it would mimimize the frontmost app for some reason.

one workaround is to uncheck "pause on task switch" from the general settings in FSX which will at least let you continue progressing while minimized.

the ideal option is to identify which app is causing the notifications and change it's settings to stop doing it or to do it only at convenient times.

here's a thread with a lot of info about AVG causing that problem for some people, dunno if you use that. if you google around there are more people with similar issue from an hp printer software and a few other antivirus packages.


good luck!

cheers,-andy crosby

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