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  1. PopsBellNC

    Hot and High variants

    He's talking about Hot/High airport operations. At high altitude airports, B757's are a common type for Bolivia, Peru, etc. for example. To my knowledge, more of a paperwork thing but, some models (like the 757) are inherently more capable at altitude. "Hot" - really hot (45C) operations are are common in the Mideast. Carriers there purchase aircraft with that as a prime criteria. For a number of good reasons, Boeing (and those other guys in Europe 😉) certify all of their planes to work well in hot environments, often causing other carriers around the world (especially in the USA) to complain that they are paying extra for capabilities they do not need. In the old days, we'd just use 747-200B's and takeoff from Riyadh at 2 AM.
  2. PopsBellNC

    I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    I agree - and the 'I want my MTV' I thought particularly clever, lighthearted and funny. 🙂
  3. PopsBellNC

    I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    If one is tired of the subject, why bothering opening the thread and reading it? Why go even further and post? (These are rhetorical questions - honestly). 😉 I'd argue this thread is just a group of aircraft fans, sharing their joy, and wish, for another great PMDG product. Seems like harmless fun...and kinda the purpose of an open 'forum', IMHO.
  4. PopsBellNC

    I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    I want a PMDG Concorde! Seriously - if they can pull-off all the analog goodness of the DC-6 and combine it with the only commercially-scheduled, series-produced, supersonic airliner...well, from PMDG it would be magnificent!
  5. Cool! Looks great...😎
  6. PopsBellNC

    Phones on Planes/cockpit

    Back-in-the-day, with the phones in the back of the seat - or, even earlier, what was essentially a couple of 'pay phones' on the forward bulkhead in most PAA's 747-200B's for example, the fee was like $10/minute to make a call, I kid you not. I was surprised those things hung around for as long as they did...
  7. Likely just confused it with the CLX code (the flight can appear as either CLX769 or CV769). And equipment can vary - sometimes 744, sometimes 748. Yesterday it was indeed a 748.
  8. Yes - she is, indeed. And likely always will be - I mean, you've got the Wright Flyer, the DC-3, Concorde and the 747. That's the Superfecta! 😎
  9. I'm certain they'll have the Freighter version of the -8. To date, more than half of real-world 747-8 deliveries have been Freighters - and in recent years it's closer to 100% Freighters.
  10. PopsBellNC

    Sound too loud.

    if you think the -400 is loud in the cockpit, you should experience the -200B - I'm talkin' Wow! Everyone I knew had hearing aids before age 55! But - in all versions - at least your feet are always warm. 😉
  11. PopsBellNC

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    You're cruising at altitude - this is indeed how it should look in 'NORM'.🙂
  12. You're right, Ron - FSX is 12 years old this October! Anyone simming that long is a grey beard. 😉
  13. Ha! Love it! 😁 I do remember 'cassette storage' on my Dad's Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1 in Dec of '79. No flight sim of any kind, but that thing could play Blackjack...barely. (Extremely cool at the time, but...). 😀
  14. My first plane was a wire-frame, monochrome (black and green), Cessna in Microsoft FS 1.0. My favorite memory is seeing the box for Microsoft FS 95 at CompUSA(!)...the cover had a picture that looked like an actual, rendered, full-color 3D airplane! Little did I know it would take, oh, TWO DECADES, until it all came together hardware/software-wise. But heck, I'm patient. Anyway, my beard IS grey, and I am still here. PopsBell out. 😎
  15. PopsBellNC

    Good to go with 4.3?

    Good point, Z. I did have my intact SODE folder (which was working fine with FSX), but after moving to P3d v4.3 from FSX, and re-installing FB airports, SODE no longer worked. After much back and forth with the good folks at 12bpilot, they had me move to SODE v1.6.3. Bottom-line, a SODE issue not a Flightbeam issue.