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  1. The "SCREECH" of Suriname's DH-6's sticks with me to this day. OMG, "what is wrong with those things?!?" I'd ask myself. In comparison, every other type was wonderfully quiet...
  2. Well that is one way of looking at it, but unless you think there is a high probability of a go -around, any chief pilot and/or airline/cargo operator would say "Save the tires and bakes, G*d da%*nit!!" Regular, faster-than-necessary, TD speeds won't appreciably affect a climb out, but will most certainly affect your maintenance costs.
  3. Keeping everything synced to UTC time I find helps as well. The most critical issue with this approach is converting the weather report 'date/time' to UTC. after that, all should be well. 😎 Cheers! Patrick
  4. Far to many variables here for a 'stock' answer, IMHO, Landing Weight would be my first consideration, followed by runway condition (both normal surface condition and/or presence of contamination), followed by wind direction. On short (=<7,000 ft) runways, it'd be a no land for me with any tail wind component, but crosswind would be ok by me if <30kts. Oh - and I'd be at Flaps 30 on a short runaway no matter what.
  5. As am I, Dan... I had just honestly never heard of, nor seen, this Tomato-thing. Bottom-line, P3Dv4.4, a PMDG aircraft, and Active Sky & Cloud Art, all make me very happy.😎 Cheers! Patrick
  6. Greetings All, What the heck is TomatoShade? I went to their website and still couldn't figure out what is was. Not being critical (well, perhaps critical of their uninformative web design), just curious as to what TS is supposed to do. Patrick
  7. Also the -8i engines have a Bowed Rotor Start Mitigation procedure if restarting within 30min to 6hrs. In a nutshell, after a flight - long or short - upon shutdown the core of the engine can get heat-soaked, and the top rotors in the hot section can get out of whack (yes, that's a technical term - lol). The recommendation is to 'dry motor' the engines for a few minutes (and you can do 2 at a time to quicken things up) thus removing excess heat and evening-out the heat that remains. Not entirely essential, but folks assure me it definitely decreases wear on the engines!
  8. Greetings All, As many of you i am sure, I jumped on the 747 update as soon as i saw it was available. Download and install went great...but upon loading, I had blank screens and no landing gear(!). Turns out I *thought* I had upgraded to P3Dv4.4 months ago, but it didn't 'take'. I still had v4.3.29. Chris at PMDG walked me through it and provided this very helpful info: "The proper way is to uninstall P3Dv4.3 client and install P3Dv4.4 client. If you try install on top it will not update. Check below forum post in LM forum. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6322&t=120861 " I am up and running as we speak and all is well! Bottom-line - before you update, when in P3D go to Menus, Help, then About, to see if you really have updated to v4.4. Thank you to Chris and PMDG! Best, Patrick
  9. Hi Scott, Are you using the PMDG Operations Center to download liveries? The Operations Center is a free and separate program that allows control over liveries, documentation, updates...well, everything. Oh, and if you are using FSX as your platform, all should be there. Patrick
  10. Being a continuous, life-long, student (i.e., you never graduate) of the "What If? School of Flight", a 10 year-old Garmin eTrex handheld tossed in your bag can provide a surprising amount of useful information in this situation. These are the types of things that paranoid pilots play with (recall: "Paranoia is Perfect Awareness!" ) while 6 hours out over the Pacific. 😉
  11. "Gentlemen! You can't fight in here - this is the War Room!", President Merkin Muffley
  12. Activation issue - solved. A router/firewall issue on my end. What an aircraft! 😎
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