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  1. Back to the AILERON LOCKOUT advisory msg, the underlying really neat detail is the correct modeling of the 744 on the ground in the cold - it was -34C on the ramp at PAFA yesterday afternoon and, even with all engines up and running from a cold start, the engine generators will not kick-in until you run the engines up a little. A few minutes at idle won't do it, gotta run 'em up a little. If you don't, you might (as I did) get the flaps in transition and turn off the APU, only to have a battery powered airplane with 4 engines running(!) Then, after getting power back, since flaps were in transition during the admittedly bone-headed move of cutting the APU before engine gen kicks-in, you'll get the AILERON LOCKOUT. This series of events is exactly what would happen on the real bird. Well done, PMDG!
  2. AILERON LOCKOUT Advisory Message after I screwed up a cold-weather start in Fairbanks, AK this afternoon. Now THAT is detail!!
  3. AND, that's List Price. I guarantee Boeing would let one go for $280M!
  4. Yep, the 777 is a true workhorse and an amazing, modern, engineering marvel. But, wait until you see the range/weights/economy of the 787-9. I'm talking wow - it takes it to the next level.
  5. Yes - with prevailing winds, prob 355 out of 365 days a year, you will need a fuel stop. But, that does mean that on 10-ish days out of the year, real-world winds may make this city-pair possible. ;)
  6. Awesome! Thanks, Andy. Pat
  7. Greetings All, Ok, here's a weird one: after maybe an hour, sometimes half-an-hour, while flying a long-haul flight in a 777 or 747v3, FSX will just minimize to the task bar and pause itself. I used to have this issue years ago, but it had stopped. Now, it is behaving like this on every flight. As an example, I'll take of from KSFO to YSSY in real-time (weather being AS16) and reach initial cruise altitude. Then, sometimes I'll hit the bunk (literally), but when I awaken and "head back to the cockpit", FSX will be minimized to the task bar, and upon waking it up and maximizing, I find that I've only traveled maybe 500nm and have ~6,000nm to go! in other words, it minimized and paused probably minutes after I went to sleep. 6 hours should have transpired, but didn't as FSX minimized itself(!) The only change in my setup has been that I had to rename (erase) my FSX.cfg and have FSX rebuild itself. I made the usual HIGHMEMFIX tweaks and all of that, and everything works very well...except for this random 'minimizing'. It is driving me nuts. Any ideas, Captains? Thanks in advance. Patrick Bell
  8. I've flown (for real) Delta KATL-ZSPD on many occasions, but sadly this route only lasted a few years, but it was a great flight - not stopping in Japan or Korea, just boom and you're there! That was nice. Oh, and that was flown with 777-200ER IIRC. United's KORD-VHHH - in both directions - is still a classic that I've flown many times real-world - used to be 747-400's, but now I believe they are flying with 777's or even perhaps 787's - I haven't looked in a while. But, to your point, and in support of others on this thread - yes, the 777LR, and even the ER can connect damn near any two points on the globe. Nnd the -300 as well if you don't need to carry a lot of freight with you. The 74's - still my favorites, were/are much more constrained. And I agree with a prior entry - just get on and Fightaware, sort by type, then duration, and you'll see the amazing pairs possible today. Enjoy! Patrick Bell