Around the world in 175 days part 34. Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

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September 2, 1924:  Upon there return to North America they were greeted on the deck of  Richmond by Admiral Magruder, commander of the Atlantic Scouting fleet who had a series of cables he read from General Patrick, Secretary of War Davis and President Coolidge all congratulating them on there achievement.  They spent the next day preparing there planes for the next flight to Hawks Bay Newfoundland. In the afternoon Richmond left the harbor to be replaced by Milwaukee, where they would spend the night. Despite the fact that the weather reports were not favorable they left Icy Tickle around 11am.  After three hours following the Newfoundland coast they ran into heavy fog, and as they always had they dropped to wave top level above the heavy swells, at one point they zoomed over a coastal steamer, missing its bridge by 30 feet.  They passed many small fishing villages and were surprised to see the inhabitants waving at them.  After nearly six hours of flying they landed in Hawkes bay where Ashburne was waiting for them.

October 2, 2017:  I had planned on using the DHC3 Otter but the AH/FJ version is not out yet, I tried another payware version who I won’t name but after experimenting with it I can’t endorse it by using it here so instead I will again use the Grumman Albatross by Virtavia.  Since I have been using Coast Guard cutters at all my seaplane ports I will use a USGC paint in their honor. The weather for this is Partly Cloudy with 10 knot winds, a temperature of 4C/40F and clouds starting at 3100 feet.  We flew along the Labrador coast and down the west coast of Newfoundland to Hawkes bay and the town of Port au Choix and landed at its tiny airstrip.  The 228nm flight took 1.5 hours.

Here are the pics:

Ready to go.

Climbing out of Icy Tickle.

Along the Labrador coast.

Tiny Islands.

Coast of Newfoundland.

The town of Port au Choix.

Looking back and my destination.


September 3, 1924:  At dawn the weather at Hawkes Bay was discouraging but it cleared up quickly and they flyers were off by 11am for Pictou, Nova Scotia.  Along the way they flew past Milwaukee, McFarland, Cogland and Richmond as they were sailing home.  They were met by an aircraft from the RCAF who escorted them to the harbor, there they were greeted by a several American and Canadian destroyers all blowing there whistles and crowds of people along the waterfront waving.  Also floating in the harbor was a Douglas World Cruiser labeled Boston II.  At Lt Smiths suggestion, General Patrick ordered the prototype DWC prepared and flown to Nova Scotia so that Wade and Ogden could continue the flight.  Smith also requested that there be no entertainments, receptions or escorts be arranged for them prior to the completion of there mission in Seattle.  Despite that request they were placed into cars that joined a parade through town, taken to the park where short speeches given welcoming them to the town and finally to a hotel for a Lobster dinner and dance, a pattern that would continue for the rest of there trip.

October 5, 2017:  For the next leg I will be using the North American, T-28C Trojan. The Trojan is a trainer used by the USAF and USN in the 1950's.  Over 1900 were built between 1950 and 1957 and saw service in many countries in trainer and counter insurgency roles.  The last was retired in 1994 but many continue to fly in civilian hands.   The model I am using today is made by Ant's Aircraft and is one of my favorites,  It's not released yet for V4 but I hope it will be soon.

The weather for the flight was clear, temperature of 3.3C/38F and 8 knot winds.  It was an uneventful flight as we flow along the coast of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia at about 2400 feet.  I landed at Trenton Airport (closest to Pictou), flying 371 nm in 1.8 hours.

Here are the pics:

Ready to go.

Heading south.

Flying along the coast of Nova Scotia.

Glamour Shots.

The co-pilot looks happy.


Getting close to my destination.

Secured, look a welcoming committee.

Thanks for reading.

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Glad to see the Boston replaced....very nice shots!


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