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Help with Carenado SR22 Pitch stability...

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The Sr22 seem to always climb (without flaps) with constant power no matter how much elevator trim I adjust. The plane seems to settle for about 30 sec and then begins to rapidly climb, sometimes reaching over 1000 ft/min.

There seems to be no scale or way for me to tell how much elevator trim is applied, when it is time to land (approach) things are really unstable because I have applied so much upward trim it is hard to determine where my trim setting is to get things back to normal to start my descent.

The plane also bobbles when trying to maintain a steady descent rate to track the glidescope. Hands off, full flaps, at about 30% - 40% power, the plane will maintain 300 - 400 ft/min at about 85 KIAS, then the nose will dip, causing more speed and a higher descent rate for a moment before it pitches upward again hitting a climb, then settling and the cycle continues.

I also have the Alabeo DA42 and I have no problems with this planes pitch stability.

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Try adjusting the pitch trim scalar in the aircraft.cfg, try lowering it or increasing it, may help in improving the trim on the aircraft.  You may also want to adjust the pitch MOI a little bit, try increasing it or decreasing it (I usually increase mine when I run into pitch issues), lastly you can try playing with pitch stability as well.  It may take some trial and error, so adjust one thing at a time and comment out the old settings so you can restore your aircraft.cfg to normal if the tweaks don't help.  Just be patient with it, and remember to reload the aircraft after you make changes.


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