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Trying to find a good setting for reflections and so far I can't say I've found a good setting.

If I have dynamic reflections disabled this is what it looks like, in this case at Aerosoft Bergen. Although it looks pretty cool it looks a bit too much like a well polished mirror to be fully realistic IMO.


If I enable dynamic reflections using the low setting the result is this. Now I don't see any reflections at all which again isn't very realistic. I also tried increasing the dynamic reflections setting all the way to the right but couldn't see any difference other than my FPS dropping.


Also I'm not sure how the dynamic reflection setting works with the various reflections found under the World tab (Clouds, Terrain, Vegetation, User Vehicle etc)? Do I need to have some of these enabled as well to make the dynamic reflection setting on the Lighting tab have any effect?

I tried enabling all of them in the above scenario but again, couldn't see any difference. Maybe these will only affect what reflections you'll see when flying over actual water rather than what is provided by the dynamic reflection setting?

Would be interesting to hear what setting you guys are using for realistic reflections.

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I would try one of the many 'tweakers' there are, which will let you mess with more settings than the default P3D options. Of which, I use the freeware Open Shade, although the payware PTA will do the same thing if you have that or something similar.

Amongst the many tweaks these things can do is the following: Reflection Coefficient, Refraction Coefficient, Granularity, Specular Blend and Water View Angle Darkness Factor. Of those, I would try the Granularity setting, since this will 'noise up' the reflections and make them less like a mirror. If you don't have PTA and wanna try Open Shade, you can find it here:



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Thanks and I do have PTA so might play around with it and see what I can come up with.

Not that tempted though to end up being dependent on PTA only for reflections since I decided to go with URP which I think does a great job for all the other shader stuff! 

Will be very interesting to find out more about ENVSHADE as well...as soon as SimMarket gets their finger out and publish the product.

Also, I would still like to fully understand the relation between the different reflection settings in P3D.

Maybe I should try to RTFM :laugh:

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