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Lately I have been flying on Vatsim, and already in less than two weeks I have racked up about 50 hours with most flights averaging 1 1/2 hours. This gets me to many airports, some of which I have never flown to in P3D. Several times in the last two days I hit airports where some of the taxiways are covered with grass, and the only way to taxi, under Vatsim's direction, is trying to find the yellow taxi lines under the grass, which sometimes results in getting lost especially at dusk. I had to apologize for my erratic taxiing  to the Vatsim controller, explaining that I couldn't see the taxiways.  I finally decided that I was going to bite the bullet and fix these taxiways  issues once and for all. I have heard about ADE for years, but was always leary of trying it, remembering the old days of FS9 where a mistake in a .bgl file could turn the sim into CTD city. Anyway, I downloaded and installed ADE yesterday.  I found a video on Youtube on how to set up ADE which really helped.

ADE, once setup is actually pretty simple to use, especially  if all you are doing is fixing taxiways.  You have to download the P3D SDK from LM website and configure ADE showing the two necessary SDK files as shown in the video. You just have to point ADE to the two SDK folders, and the program will then locate the files in the two folders automatically. Now you open the program and in the menu select "open stock airport". It then gives you a list of countries, citys and finally airports and select the airport you want to fix. Once the airport is loaded you see all the runways and taxiways and buildings etc on your screen . Then select lists, taxi links, and you will see a list of all the taxiways, parking, runways etc, On the bottom right of the display it says "reset all draw flags, click on that and you will notice where on some of the Draw surface  and Draw Detail columns, where it said no, all the no's will be turned to yes. Now select close. Now open the file menu, and hit Compile Airport.  I have my add on airports in P3D now in a folder than I made called C:\P3Daddonscenery\scenery \  If you click on the more options button in the compile options box, select "to specific folder", hit the button next to that, and it will let you locate your addon folder, where ever you have it . Once you do that close the compile box which brings you back to compile options, and hit "compile"  on the lower left...... Now here is big problem that took me hours to figure out. I did all this, and P3D could not find the new airport.bgl that was clearly sitting in the add on folder. The airport would not even show up in the airport list in P3D, if you had disabled all the other bgls for that airport in your scenery directory . I finally figured out that the problem was caused by  my P3D being  installed in the Programs (x86) directory ( I know, but this is the first problem that I have ever run into with that). Even though it looked like ADE compiled the fixed bgl into the addon scenery directory, something was being blocked by UAC.  I ran ADE as admin, had the ADE program selected to run as admin, opened it with an admin command, and yet the new bgl was corrupted somehow  and P3D could not see it as an airport. How to fix this, Turn of UAC. After I turned off UAC, deleted the faulty BGL I had just put in the addon scenery directory, and redid the compile one more time, everything worked perfectly. All my taxiways where in the proper places. 

What I intend to do from now on, when on a Vatsim Flight, is to go to the destination airport first, take a quick look in the overhead view, and see if all the taxiways are there. If not, I can fix it in about 3 minutes, and no more getting lost trying to find the runway.   



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