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Not a crash or lockup

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I've had the sim for more than a month now, and installed the update a couple of weeks ago  It's been the most stable program I have ever owned.   I've had P3D online for probably over 100 hours now, in all types of Carenado and default aircraft, and except for starting the program with the Malibu Mirage I've not had a single crash.  Occasionally my mouse will lose focus, so I just hold down the Alt key for a few seconds and all is fine.  I just downloaded the updated Carenado 550 and it works very well, very good performance and an excellent autopilot, which holds IAS by pitch.  I've been flying it for several hours today.

Lately I have had problems with Xplane, ever since they had me reregister the program.  It seems to kill files, though others say it is a Windows Ten glitch or some malware demon.  My system scans completely normal.  I found four inbound web connections from Xplane so I put a rule on that traffic, I will see if the program works appropriately.  I found no such thing for P3D.  I don't think it is a deliberate issue with Xplane, it could be something exploiting a hole in my firewall or maybe just poor file caching by windows.  If it's hackers, I don't waste my time trying to hack networks, but I know there are some with nothing better to do who do exactly that.  Oh no, LOL, I am having Paranoid delusions!  Like in Independence Day, I have to call my psychiatrist, if I only could remember her name.  :)  Oh Cr....  The aliens are coming!

Hope to get some smiles here!


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