MFD GPS not updateding when docked

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I have the Carenado PA46T JetProp which I love for its design and appealing cockpit, except it is difficult to see with plain eyes unless zooming in. Now that my CH Yoke and Saitek TQ have come out of maintenance I was taking it for a ride. I have a two monitor setup, my main 21" monitor has the main VC and I clicked on the Garmin MFD and undocked it to the secondary (lower resolution) monitor.

While flying to an ILS runway I was monitoring both the MFD/GPS on the main monitor (VC) as well as the bigger MFD/GPS on the secondary monitor. At first, I noticed something strange but then I realized it was a BUG!

What happens in this setup is that the MFD/GPS on the secondary monitor (the undocked version) works and updates well; However, the GPS screen portion of the MFD on the main monitor (the VC, the one on the actual dashboard) is simply NOT updating the GPS screen. As you can see on the GPS portion of the MFDs:

There is no facility to upload images or post image links here so here is the picture URL:

I this screenshot you can see the VC on my main monitor on the left and the docked window (MGF/GPS) on the second monitor (right side of the picture). Therein I have also added two helpers:

  • A green arrow indicating the direction of the ILS glide path in case you cannot see it well
  • A red arrow pointing to the shown location of the aircraft on the GPS screen

As you can see the un-docked Garmin on the right monitor is showing the a/c in the correct/actual location nearly about to land; yet the GPS screen on the VC (main monitor) is way out of sync showing the a/c at the entry point of the glide slope!

The MFD part however (airspeed/altitude stripes and Horizontal Situation Indicator) were okay on both.

I hope a patch is released for this.

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