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  1. I have the Carenado PA46T JetProp which I love for its design and appealing cockpit, except it is difficult to see with plain eyes unless zooming in. Now that my CH Yoke and Saitek TQ have come out of maintenance I was taking it for a ride. I have a two monitor setup, my main 21" monitor has the main VC and I clicked on the Garmin MFD and undocked it to the secondary (lower resolution) monitor. While flying to an ILS runway I was monitoring both the MFD/GPS on the main monitor (VC) as well as the bigger MFD/GPS on the secondary monitor. At first, I noticed something strange but then I realized it was a BUG! What happens in this setup is that the MFD/GPS on the secondary monitor (the undocked version) works and updates well; However, the GPS screen portion of the MFD on the main monitor (the VC, the one on the actual dashboard) is simply NOT updating the GPS screen. As you can see on the GPS portion of the MFDs: There is no facility to upload images or post image links here so here is the picture URL: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AF_p5iNITKDLswI I this screenshot you can see the VC on my main monitor on the left and the docked window (MGF/GPS) on the second monitor (right side of the picture). Therein I have also added two helpers: A green arrow indicating the direction of the ILS glide path in case you cannot see it well A red arrow pointing to the shown location of the aircraft on the GPS screen As you can see the un-docked Garmin on the right monitor is showing the a/c in the correct/actual location nearly about to land; yet the GPS screen on the VC (main monitor) is way out of sync showing the a/c at the entry point of the glide slope! The MFD part however (airspeed/altitude stripes and Horizontal Situation Indicator) were okay on both. I hope a patch is released for this.
  2. How do I know which patch level my PA34 installation has? I reinstalled long ago and been out of simming with this A/C for a very long time, I no longer remember whether I applied them or not or whether I have all patches installed. Or, is it safe to just run Patch #3? It won't remove my extra liveries?
  3. I have a Carenado Piper Seneca II (PA34) but I am having a hard time following the checklist on the VC. Does anyone has a checklist that is more realistic to the SIM as opposed to the real aircraft? When it comes to FS I think tthe checklist provided should be one that only has items that are functional in the simulated aircraft, or perhaps better (best of both worlds), the full list but use a different notation for items that are NOT present in the SIM (Or not operational).
  4. I still would like to dock them on the 2nd monitor, my eyes can't read them on the default monitor.
  5. I am interested in using the FAIL_*_SET G1000 SimConnect variables to set and reset the failure of various G1000 subsystems. My questions are... 1. Is there any way to interrogate the G1000 via SimConnect about the current state of the failure (active/inactive)? 2. When I use the FAIL_*_SET with a 1/0 value, how do I know that it has actually been accepted and (de)activated? is there an event I can register for that purpose? or is it all blind in that I must assume that it did what I asked it to do?
  6. Now, my 2nd monitor has kicked the button but I hope to soon get a replacement to fly again with 2 monitors. My question is, if I use FSX in full screen mode can I dock the G1000 PFD and MFD on the second monitor for easier access? or is it only possible to use them in the virtual cockpit with the zoom feature?
  7. I would like to use SimConnect to send commands to your G1000 add-on but I would like to know if there is anything else I need to add to my program in order to do that? other than SimConnect.dll and plenty of programming that is Do I need to add a reference to anything installed by the G1000 installer?
  8. I am getting back into programming a managed application with SimConnect and while I have read the SDK documentation and gone through the examples I am totally lost at what they claim it is possible to do. The Events section lists about 14 failures including engine failures (one for each possible engine), pitot blockage, pitot static, brake failures and system failures (vacuum, electrical, hydraulic). But there is no single example on how to actually trigger any of these failures or query the simulator about the current state of the failures. // subscribe to Engine Failures simconnect.MapClientEventToSimEvent(EVENTS.FAIL_ENGINE_1, "TOGGLE_ENGINE1_FAILURE") simconnect.AddClientEventToNotificationGroup(NOTIFICATION_GROUP.BasicFailures, EVENTS.FAIL_ENGINE_1, false); // set the group priority simconnect.SetNotificationGroupPriority(NOTIFICATION_GROUP.BasicFailures, SimConnect.SIMCONNECT_GROUP_PRIORITY_HIGHEST); and then I tried triggering with: simconnect.TransmitClientEvent(00000001, EVENTS.FAIL_ENGINE_1, 1, NOTIFICATION_GROUP.BasicFailures, SIMCONNECT_EVENT_FLAG.DEFAULT); and with simconnect.SetSystemEventState(EVENTS.FAIL_ENGINE_1, SIMCONNECT_STATE.ON); neither of them work.
  9. I just looked and there is no such thing in the PA46T aircraft.cfg, the sound appears in sound.cfg but there is no trace of a percentage setting.
  10. Yes, I have it activated but for what I see the one on the pilot's side doesn't work well, the one on the middle/copilot side responds to my commands. I wonder why they put two on the same panel, isn't one just enough?
  11. Thanks Bert for the useful modification. For those that prefer to put it back in FSX as a .CAB file instead of a folder, you can make your own cab. Here is the Instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-your-own-Free-Cabinet-Files/
  12. As many of you know on the pilot's side almost obscured by the yoke there is a clock gauge. I was curious and looked it up, it turns out the gauge is the FlightCom DVR 300i clock & recorder. It records radio transmissions, useful when your mind isn't flexible enough for long clearances It also has a clock and elapsed timer that work from the moment the gauge is turned on (I think that is powered by the Avionics button?) In the PA46T from Carenado this gauge is only switching between Zulu (24 hrs format) and Local (12 hrs format) time and nothing else that I know of, a crippled gauge. For more information on its real counterpart visit http://www.manualslib.com/products/Flightcom-Dvr-300i-3554237.html As for the Engine Trend Monitor (ETM) it is located on the copilot's side to the left of the yoke (like the clock on the pilot's side). It is manufactured by Shadin. The implemented gauge has several pages with useful information, obviously not as much as the real instrument. The pilot's manual for this (real) gauge can be found at: http://www.shadin.com/documents/manuals/PilotsGuide.pdf
  13. I have identified the offending sound as gearwarn.wav in the sounds folder. I have edited the sound somewhat to attentuate it like 40 dB to make it safer for humans (Yes, my ears still hurt!). I have also noticed that the name is kind of misleading because the sound is continuously playing for this three items: Gear up when approaching, Gear down when climbing Throttle below 27% (always!) Flaps, for example if stationary on the ground and move the flaps lever. I suppose also when flaps are lowered when speed is too high. I think find it non-sense that that dangerous sound is activated during odd circumstances such as operating the flaps when stationary (when made a full stop after landing). Sounds to me like a bug.
  14. I do not advise ANYBODY to use the Carenado Piper Malibu (PA46T) with earphones. There are circumstances (primarly descent/landing/takeoff) when an EXTREMELY LOUD EAR PIERCING alarm (beep beep beep) sounds and there is no way to mute it. Gosh, the decibels on that thing should be prohibited, I had to yank off my earphones and I still have a headache! Is there a way to mute that on the a/c? what about replacing it with a sound that is safe to people?
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