Sound Only Working Half The Time

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All of a sudden the engine sound is working only half the time. Switch sounds and click sounds work fine.

This is in P3D v3.4

Any ideas?  I think I remember reading somewhere that if you delete your .cfg files then when you open p3d it will generate new ones, and that was almost like reinstalling prepar3d.  Has anyone tried that?  And would it fix a sound problem?


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Well, you could give it a try. Creating a new cfg can indeed solve some odd problems.

Make a backup of Prepar3d.cfg which can be found here:

Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► You ► AppData ► Roaming ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v4 - Prepar3D.cfg

Then delete the cfg from that location, start P3D and it will create a new one with default settings. Start a flight and see if the problem is still there. If the problem is solved, congrats and set things up again to your liking. If the problem isn't solved, bummer and you might as well restore the backupped cfg so you don't have to set everything up again.

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I found out what it was.  The sound was turned off.  Maybe the q key was pressed by accident.


Thanks for the reply

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LOL It happens. It was the first thing I thought off but since you said switch sounds and click sounds were fine I figured that couldn't be it.  :wink:

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Yes that is odd.  I'm not sure what happened there, but at least it's working now and that's all that matters.  :)

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