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Bruce Nicholson KMFR

AITX Follow AI VFR flight does not turn to final

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Hello Oliver,

I am loving the features of AITX, especially the Follow AI option.

I have no problems following IFR flights, but I have noticed a consistent problem when following VFR flights. The AI aircraft does not turn to the base leg and then to final when the Follow AI option is active.

When I assign an AI aircraft to a VFR flight plan, the AI aircraft appears on the AITX listing and I click the Follow AI button when the AI aircraft is selected. Everything works perfectly for the taxi, takeoff, and flight up to the point ATC gives the clear to land instruction to the AI aircraft. The landing gear extend (when applicable) and it's apparent the aircraft is on the downwind leg for landing. However, the aircraft never turns to the base leg when the Follow AI option is active. The aircraft continues flying the downwind direction indefinitely.

The first time this happened, I just deleted the AI aircraft from the AITX list. The second time the aircraft failed to turn, I disconnected from the AI aircraft and the AI aircraft then started to turn toward the airport. I was using Plan-G with the moving map connected to my Lorby aircraft and I could see the Lorby aircraft that was following the AI aircraft stopped moving after I stopped following the AI aircraft. The AI aircraft on the moving map turned and entered the final leg aligned with the runway. I then click the Follow AI button, the Lorby aircraft rejoined the AI aircraft and the rest of the flight and taxi to stand worked as expected.

I'm guessing the connection between the user aircraft and the AI aircraft is preventing the aircraft from turning to the base leg. As mentioned, this does not happened during an IFR flight, possibly because vectors are issued to turn to final at 30 degrees offset from the final.

As a workaround, I'm disconnecting from the AI aircraft when on the downwind prior to midfield and using the Shift+T+- option to follow the AI aircraft. I then can rejoin the AI aircraft by clicking the Follow AI button again once the AI is turning toward the runway.



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Hello Bruce,

I think that this is a proximity issue. In VFR flight mode the AI suddenly cares about the AITX camera pod being so close behind, which it ignores in IFR mode. There is probably  nothing I can do unfortunately, this is built into the sim itself. It is the same sim logic that makes AI go around or stops them when taxiing close to you or to each other.

Your work around method is what I would suggest as well - I am surprised that this even works. You could also try to save a camera position in AITX that is farther away (behind or to the side) from the AI (but I am not sure how far exactly)

Best regards

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