John Parker

CDI Integration

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  • Windows 7
  • P3Dv3
  • A2A Cherokee 180
  • RXP2 GNS430

I've got the 430 nicely integrated into the panel and as a popup.  Also, I know that it is correctly controlling COM1.  However, I can't get it to consistently control the CDI.  I've messed around with RealityXP.GNS.ini and the shift-right click menu for a couple of hours now.

One time, the CDI head started working, but only with the GNS430 in GPS mode on the CDI.  Then that stopped working after a restart.

Later, the CDI head started working again, but only with the GNS430 in VLOC mode on the CDI.  That also stopped working after a restart.

What settings would you expect to work in this situation?  Alternately, at what point does a change in the shift-right click menu get applied?  As soon as you hit "Accept"?  After a scenario reload?  Only after a full P3D restart?

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The settings gets applied immediately: that's the whole advantage of the in-sim live settings panel in our solutions!

I'd suggest you start with a default aircraft and validate the various settings vs the panel instruments. These are grouped by categories: GPS, HSI and VOR, which encompasses sets of FltSim variables. Usually aircraft vendor design their gauges to read FltSim variables accordingly, that is a VOR gauge reads VOR variables, an HSI gauge read HSI variable. Selecting the link to the instrument group in the settings overrides the whole set of FltSim variables in the group, therefore controls the data the gauge reads in.

However, some aircraft gauges do not follow these, and are designed, let's say, 'differently'. In that case, it is possible overriding a group like HSI won't affect the HSI, because the HSI gauge reads VOR variables instead (wrongly so for the purpose of permitting the override). This might be the case with the A2A aircraft.


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