2nd flight excellent!

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Did a full multi hour GA flight tonight using P2A and it was excellent. Much better voice recognition than I thought possible, I also have the Stick and Rudder Studios X-ATC-Chatter files running in the background, and it was very impressive.

There was only one 'bug'. As ATC switched me from enroute to the approach phase, it repeated 30-50 times "<callsign> maintain 6000". I was at 6000 and correct QNH and I had spent the whole flight at 6000'. Eventually, as I got further along the approach leg, this stopped and everything after that was fine. Bit of a hiccup there. It also left me a bit high on the final - in fact I had to do a 360 turn to lose height before landing. That could have been my fault, I guess, I don't know.

But otherwise, an excellent flight and a joy. It adds a lot to X-Plane/FSE which what I mainly fly in.

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