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Hello to all:

I have painted (my very first one!) a new livery for the PMDG DC-6 in Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (LAB) colors.

LAB's DC-6s, had an extra window at the very rear of the fuselage and I am trying to replicate that.

I have copied (on a separate layer) one window from the "Window" layer of the original PMDG paint-kit, and placed it in its right location.

It looks fantastic in Photoshop. However, when I start the sim (P3Dv4.1), the copied window is not transparent as all the original ones and remains a darker color.

I am not versed in Photoshop (I spent a week watching and following you tube tutorials to manage this paint!), but I assume it has something to do with the Alpha channel? (The channel for the new window layer, looks the same as that for the original WINDOWS layer).

Any advice on how to achieve the window transparency will be greatly appreciated!!

In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying the "one-less-window" paint of the LAB DC-6B.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very good New Year to all!



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I think you have something in mind wich cannot be done. 
I do not have the model myself, nevertheless I am quiet sure I am right.

The windows are part of the 3D model (wich only can be changed by PMDG themselves)  they are actually open spaces (holes) in the body of the 3D model of the plane.
Windows drawn at the fuselage texture are not actually shown on the aircraft in sim.
These spaces are 3d modelled and get their texture form another texturesheet (where they are actulally transparent as well) 
Adding your extra window as a transparent window on the fuselage-texturesheet does not work either.

Windows shown on the default fuselage-textures ( and paintkits ) for models having real transparent windows are mostly just functional as a giude for the painter to
place his lines and texts on the correct position.

Nevertheless there is a way to have your window on the plane.
That however is quiet complicated ( more likely impossible ) for a beginning painter and will never be a real window in the end.
In that case you have to reproduce the window just as a texture and give it accents by editing the bump and specular file file.
As the window wil not be enlightened from inside at night , its therefore is advisable  to  "blind" this window with a curtain or sun-shade to make it realistic at night when other windows are enlightened.

This picture shows a DC3-model with an extra "fake" window and panoramic window, wich I added to match reality for this livery.





faking window.png

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Thank you for this great reply!

Unfortunately, it is what "I was afraid of". Maybe I can convince PMDG to consider the different window pattern, as it was common with several airlines.

Curtains closing the window!! Brilliant!

I can do that!

Thank you and, again, a very happy holiday and an even happier new year.


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I am glad my answer is useful.
Foget about asking for an extra window at PMDG.
I can assure you , they are not going to do that.
A change on the outside means a change on the inside too besides that it will need more liveries  and so on.
Even the default liveries are not all corresponding with the reality on the actual planes.

There are many,many varieties of window configurations for the DC6.
Many made by Douglas by default and many others by their users.


Best wishes to you.


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