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Building/buying a computer specifically for FSX

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I am looking to build a PC just for FSX. I would like to run FSX on maxed out settings with AI, and lots of scenery addons, aircraft addons and weather addons, at a high FPS count and good graphics. I have heard that it is not recommended to buy a prebuilt one, but what about an  XForce PC, or Digital Storm, or even one of Jetline Systems PC’s?


Below are some links to some PCs I was looking at. For the Jetliner Systems PCs, I was going to get the best option for each one even if it costs over $8000. I Doubt I will be getting a laptop, but I will list the good gaming ones I found anyway.



•http://jetlinesystems.com/product/gravity-gtx/                        -Side note : This seems like a great option with all the best stuff ticked



•https://xforcepc.com/english/gaming-pcs/overkill.html             -Side note : I feel like this is the best one




















These are the laptops






An even better option if you have time, is to rank the above, rather than say what is best. If a PC like that is not recommended, then I have a list of components, and I’m wondering if I can build a really good PC with them. Tell me if something won’t work or if I am missing something please. Also, I have no budget. By the way, I just searched up components needed to build a computer to get this list, and took down the best(?) gaming ones I could find, so sorry if this list is completely wrong. I will also need LOTS of storage, considering the amount of addons I want to add.


•Intel Core i7 4790K (oveclocked to 4.6ghz) Quad Core

•DDR3 SDRAM (2133 MHz)

•Nvidia GTX 1080 TI

•Samsung 850 EVO Professional(SSD)

•Asus Z170 PRO GAMING Motherboard

•SSHD SEAGATE 2TB 3,5″ ST2000DX001 7200 64MB

•mSATA 500GB

•XFX 1000 Watt XTI Titanium Power Supply

•Corsair Hydro Series H115i Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler


If I get one of the above PCs, I don’t care what build it is. If I am custom building it though, then I want to run Windows 10. For the case, I have no idea what to get, but considering how powerful a computer I want, I think I want a soundproof case so it isn’t too loud. With the case, I want it to have some cool colours like a red trim or blue trim, or even illuminated like in some of the above PCs. I am also guessing that I will need a hell lot of power(100 watts?) to make the PC work considering how powerful it is going to be and since I will be using many USB ports to plug in stuff for my sim and extras. Once I have finished deciding on all of my parts, I will need steps on how to build this thing because I am a complete noob at this stuff. 


For my part list up there, I was wondering if you could lable what each part is(next to each component lable what the actual part is)? I know which are the graphics card and processor and motherboard, but I have no clue what the rest is.


Custom built or not, I need monitor recommendations, no larger than 40 inches, with amazing quality, curved or not, I don’t mind. 4K graphics is a must to get the best graphics. These are some of the monitors I am looking at. 














Also, what keyboard and mouse do you guys recommend? Here are some gaming keyboards and gaming mouses that I am looking at. I do not want to spend too much on these though, preferably under $120. I prefer wireless for both. With the keyboard, I am looking for something smallish, so it is easy to fit on my desk since with my simulator I do not have much room. I do not care about lighting. I also want something that will last a very long time, so something made out of decent materials whether it is heavy or not it doesn’t matter. The mouse preferably needs to be cheap, like $30 or less. I want to achieve comfort out of it, so one perfectly shaped to fit the right hand. Also I don’t want a small or flat mouse.




















The final two things I am looking at getting, custom built PC or not, is an external USB port hub, and an external USB DVD/CD drive. I will need the extra USB ports because I have many things that I need to plug in. The external drive will just make it easier and handier to access, and it can sit ontop of my desk that way. I don’t think it makes too much of a difference for which two products to get, because they all do exactly the same thing, no?


As I said earlier I do not have much room on my desk because of my simulator setup, so I am looking at either building my own keyboard tray or buying one.


This post is open to everyone, and please argue/have discussions about stuff, because I want to know what is best. Thanks in advance.


P.s I have no budget, so please don’t tell me about cheaper options UNLESS they are actually better than the other stuff.

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I had my computer custom built at Micro Center. I told them I wanted it for FSX and gave them a cost that I didn't want exceeded. They know a lot about computers since it's their business and it should be easy for you since you are willing to pay extra.

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