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Weird Voice Audio, FSX-SE with Discord

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This is an audio/discord error that I get when I'm flying in FSX. Doesn't do it to other based gaming or in any other cases.

So I'm in discord and can hear all chat that is going on, load FSX on an runaway. I sometimes have no problems but it starts acting up weird when I have to chnage time/zone or flight plain or any case opening an tabs we all know another winnow and once back in game the voice chat in discord volume goes way down and I can not hear what they are saying. Even turning the volume up on discord high doesn't do anything.

I got an simple fix is to chnage the output of my speakers from default to my headset and "bang" load and can hear them above the game. however it goes again and then I can not hear them. Only super way to fix it is to close FSX down and restart FSX

  • I open FSX first then discord, same
  • Run Discord as admin, same
  • chnage the output from default to my headset does work but then goes off again
  • restarting FSX and discord does the job but rather not keeping doing it
  • only happens if I don't open an window tab like time/zone or settings or flight plain.

So this is so wired with DIscord! and I use it allot with other people, I mean i can't say to all 50 players (lol) hay lets use Skype.

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