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  1. New with flying Gliders and yet I have learnt it over the days that I have been free. However just can't setup and flight plane that we can leave from one airport to another that's close together. Then once landed at the airport then take off to the next that's near bye. Has anyone flown Gliders before and have created an flight plane? Please Share thanks.....
  2. Well, I have changed the Base Clock (-100) and Memory Offsets (-50) even lower then before and this time I got to last for 125mins without crashing
  3. Hasn't been touched, But as I was going though each settings I just noticed that that it was running 120hz and so I adjusted it down to 60hz. NO idea why it went to 120hz since I'm running an 680 card.... even then it's still does it and gives me that error
  4. Since Friday the 12th FSX has been playing me up regards my GPU Drivers or other-wards display. I have read and done unless options regards ways of dealing with this error. Ever since the 12th of October I updated my drivers and that's when it started. I rolled back and uninstalled allot of times then updated and still the same. Before the 12th it was all good and working fine. The errors that I get are the following! -Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. -Application fsx.exe has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware. Anyone have any ideas? or anyone have the same error. End of the day what it's doing top me that when it happens FSX doesn't crash all it does is freeze the display of the game, I still can fly and do the controls and can hear the game sounds just that the display of the game is freeze. Thanks, Everything is running as admin
  5. Fully updated http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html using the world option and the the world option for ILS. Not the first time using it and I have had it before. But after the updating it and setup and flight plain I keep on getting an message when doing an high altitude airways "Failed to generate a valid airways route. You may want to try VOR-to-VOR or direct GPS instead" I always like to use IFR and when doing long flight or whatever then I pick high altitude airways. Any ideas
  6. I had the same problem also. Windows had an big update and it messed up my sounds and FSX. Best option that you can do is an clean install of FSX, remove everything that you have for FSX, even the hidden files of FSX. Then take your time to install each bit by bit. Afte some hours of downloading and installing the all addons, orbx and whatnot, I got it working perfect with good FPS 🙂
  7. EmpireKicking

    FSX groundhandling Brakes sounds

    @rcbarend I'm saying! replacing the sound file with another sound effect.. Just can not find another realism brakes sounds
  8. Easy to use free addon that I do like to use. However the brakes sounds isn't real or other wards sounds horrible. Spent an hour looking/hearing other sounds effect to download and replace.
  9. EmpireKicking

    Helipads Locations!

    Looking at doing it realistic with some other guys! And I know some good locations however won't work since I have scenery (like orbx) where as they don't have it or in my case they are using another pack! and also meaning I have plugins to my game that can land on roof tops. but anyway I spent an hour looking at locations that has Helipads with 4 or 5 spots. Only one that I came across is Brooklyn "CGAS" Any other locations that has 4 or more?
  10. EmpireKicking

    Help on finding more addons?

    Three are allot, If you start to google around you will see links to download pages that the list goes on. When I was new to FSX I played with the default. Then downloaded allot of free stuff. Then payware got me into things
  11. EmpireKicking

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    Same here, And aware that it will be fixed by them
  12. EmpireKicking

    Looking for one small light aircraft!

    Have an that it works in P3d V3 however the garage doesn't load up for them and so it's still not flyable
  13. EmpireKicking

    Looking for one small light aircraft!

    got little confused as it's showing the price But I see it's free. But it's not FS version compatibility only. I use the steam edition
  14. Came down to three :) Isn't costly and not looking for anything that is expensive. Flysimware - 1966 Old School Skylane Cessna 182K Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT2 Alabeo - C172RG CUTLASS II Was going with the lionheart as there is an good deal, however can't go wrong with an good old cessna.
  15. If I had to pick, I go with the highest! Yet comes down to the price! only get what you can afford