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  1. The requirements it's from way to low to way to high for P3D V4 and so it doesn't make sense. FSX is just old and lagging/stuttering with so much addons and orbx scenery. WIth p3d V5 and with orbx scenery and aircraft! the lot you name it 🙂 Will the Asus 1660TI boost clock to 1890mhz will do the job with good FPS and no darn lag. Well.! I do expect to get low fps in heavy airports lol
  2. As the title says, out of the two Carenado aircraft what one should I lead to?
  3. I don't know where about to post this regards FScloud but this is regards model matching and ways to add more aircraft to the list that I have installed on my FSX. I just can't get it to work out when added aircraft to the AllPlanes.txt file so that when FScloud is open and then I can add others to whatever aircraft it needs to be. Like the carenado TBM 850. Last night FScloud was messing my mind up when I was shown up as an bout or another aircraft and to the point that it sis not show me up as I was in a bristol bulldog. There should be an easy why to add more aircrafts!
  4. As long as it's on an SSD and not the C drive then you are good to go 🙂 Even that I do have my FSX in the C drive LOL
  5. @JAT thanks even that they all longer then three hours lol
  6. Planning on doing some flights in the Antonov with the space shuttle. I like to keep it realism and so looking to fit two good flights in that's going to take us into three hours. Yes two flights that's under three hours. If you think two is to much and only want one three hours flight then say. I have some ideas but the airports that I want to go to doesn't really take Antonov.
  7. That's why at times when I fly I tend to keep away from airports that will make my sim to have low FPS as it's not easy to fly when it's lagging so badly but 15 FPS is playable I should say
  8. Rain does work for me as it was easy as to install. But regards efacts from the wheels isn't working and yet it depends on what weather
  9. I have it set to 30FPS and using Steve's DX10 fixer and the scenery details is set to medium and when flying sky hign or even at low details airports I'm able to stick with stable FPS at 28 to 30 FPS. When I use Aerosoft and or at airports with high details then it goes down to 15 FPS... Since I Spent good amount of time doing tweaks it was low as 5 FPS before LOL so from low as 5FPS to 15 FPS is an big difference.
  10. Changing the resolution doesn't make any difference at all.. I have and just the same FPS
  11. CPU is an i7 3930k @ 3.8GHz and from the link above he's using an 1080 to start of with
  12. Did some tweaks to the fsx.cfg and made improvements, not much but better then nothing. Able to be in LAX with little more FPS (From 5 to 10-15 FPS) and the textures are loading in faster and more clearly. Still running on high and at 2560 x 1440. It does look so bad if I change it down to the point that the cockpit is unreadable. Aerosoft a320 pack also does tend to drag FPS lower. Not the best hardware, GPU is an 680 rip me!!!
  13. I always wan to improve FSX even more but focus on able to fly to location without low FPS. Last night I did an good flight other then taken off at LAX to YOW and at those airports I had very bad low FPS of under 5 to the point that it was not easy to to takeoff and land but as soon as I left and at FL30 it was around 20 to 30 FPS (FPS set to 40). Resolution is set to 2560x1440 and it looks very very good but AS FSX is an darn 32 bit 4GB memory and at times as pain what Resolution would it run better on.
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