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P3D V4.1 64 Bit Gauges for Default FSX F-18 Hornet

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Is anyone working on the conversion of the 32 Bit $F18_A_GAUGES1.dds and FA_18.dll to 64 Bit? I used the Migration Tool program to move all my FSX AC into P3D V4.1 and everything made it over with the exception of the F-18. I even tried moving the AC and gauges over manually: no joy.There are now just hollow spaces where the PFD/MFD used to be. I've searched the web and forums extensively: no joy. I've downloaded and installed all available freeware F-18: no joy. And yes, I have C++ 2005 and the FSX SDK: still no joy. It appears the only V4.1 compatible F-18 is the VRS Superbug for $60. Normally this would not bother me but I had already purchased the FSX version some time ago for $50 and their web site states the FSX version will "break" if moved to P3D. Now they want you to pay full boat for the P3D V4.1 without any discounts for your prior purchase. Now, if you are upgrading from a previous version of P3D there is a small discount. If you are an FSX user you can pay their $7.95 maintenance fee for access to find out that all you'll get is the latest FSX version and no way to upgrade to P3D V4.1. I fully understand that VRS should be compensated for their work but for them to pocket a total of my investment of $118 seems a little excessive. Inquires to VRS have fallen on deaf ears. I digress; is anyone currently working on a conversion or am I just not savvy enough to figure this out after ten years of simming? Please advise if able.  

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There is work being done to update what is called the Blue Angels Hornet (or "Jimi's Hornet") to 64 bit. This model is a "C" model as well. It is actually a very good sim especially for the price (community freeware).

However, it is not ready for v4 64bit yet. 

Likely no work is being done to convert the legacy FSX Hornet model to v4 as this would likely be a violation of copyright.


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Thanks Henry;

I did peruse the Blue Angels Hornet web site prior to posting on Avsim and saw their WIP. I have them bookmarked and will track their progress. In fact I downloaded their existing files and they look good even minus the gauges. Now the waiting game begins. I do appreciate your thoughtful follow up and information. 

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Def keep an eye on Jimi's Charley. It is a great sim. I'm missing it in v4 even with the VRS Echo flying.

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