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Regarding the National Weather Service Bill

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In regards to the post regarding Senator Santorum's bill and the NWS (linked here): have contacted Sen. Santorum's offices via email and quite bluntly reminded him that he should not be entertaining the needs of one small sector of the constituency. This is pork barrel politics through and through. I have also contacted my own state's sentators to urge them to vote against this bill.I have written some additional comments on a blog for which I write. If you're interested, the link is this: Santorum's contact information is easily located toward the end of my comments for those of you who wish to contact him.

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Hi,I put the phone number to his office in the already existing thread, and encouraging others not to vote doesn't do much good, unless you fully list the members of the committee to which the bill has been assigned.It will be quite a while before this bill is even heard by the committee in question, and before your senators even get a chance to debate it let alone vote on it.In addition, without a concurrent house bill, there is absolutely no reasonable reason to think this bill has a chance in anything of making it to the floor for many reasons.Contacting his office would not do much good, IMHO, since he does not serve on the Committee, better use of email and phone calls, faxes, would best be served by contacting the committee members that now own the bill.Not really sure we needed a second thread on this though, you could have simply added this to the other one, but that's fine.Regards,Joe aopa.gif" border="0" alt="Grab My FREEWARE Voice recognition Profiles here:[a href=]Cessna 172 Voice Profile[/a][a href=]FSD Avanti Voice Profile[/a].You will need the main FREEWARE Flight Assistant program to use it, get it here:[a href=]Flight Assistant 2.2[/a]

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