Virtual Fly TQ-6 disappears from Windows 10 calibration

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I've been away from my flightsim computer for about a month.  Yesterday I powered it back up, and discovered that my Virtual Fly TQ-6 throttle quadrant has disappeared completely from the system.  It's not in the Devices and Printers window.  It's not listed in the game controllers calibration window.  It's reported as "device not detected" in the Virtual Fly interface software.  And only three game controllers, as opposed to my usual four, appear in the Device Manager.

It normally sits on a powered USB hub.  All the other devices on the hub are detected and working properly.  I've tried plugging the TQ-6 directly into the computer, with no success - Windows doesn't go through the "detecting new hardware" routine it usually does.  Plugging it back into the hub - same result, not reaction.  I tried plugging it into my work laptop and got no response - again, no "detecting new hardware" routine.

Given all that, this feels like a hardware problem with the TQ-6 itself.  But before I conclude that - am I missing anything?  A driver issue?  Something that the Windows 10 updates might have done?  If so, what are the tests and workarounds?

If it's a hardware problem, I'm going to be a bit displeased, given that the unit is only six months old.  But it could be that them's the breaks - thankfully it'll still be under warranty.

Thanks in advance for anything you can suggest, though.

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Additional information...

-- I tried uninstalling HID devices in the Device Manager, then restarting.  My other hardware was detected and set up, but the TQ-6 wasn't.

-- I plugged in my old CH Combatstick, and that was detected and set up.

Feels more and more like a hardware issue with the TQ-6.

What do you think?

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