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Loading in autogen while on short final

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Hi All,


I have a situation when I am on short final about 50-100ft from touching down at UK2000 Gatwick where I get a massive lag spike and the whole landing proceedure is screwed and i usually get crappy landing rates at Gatwick because of it. But I noticed today that when coming in, same thing happened as always at Gatwick, but I did a go around and on the second run there was no problem at all.


I guess its because I might just be at an unlucky spot over the threshold of Gatwick 26L where the sim loads all the heathrow scenery in at just the wrong moment. But it does this consistently. And the reason why I didn't have the massive lag spike second time round was that P3Dv4.1 had already loaded everything in by the second time round.


My question to you folks is--- Is there a way to tweak P3D to not load anything in when the aircraft is almost ready to touch down, and then it resumes its loading after touchdown and rollout? I know Active Sky 2016 has an option to stop weather downloads on short final and touchdown. Does P3D have something built in to do that? Or at least limit the load range of autogen and meshes to something really short so I don't get hammered by Heathrow loading in when Im about to touch down at Gatwick


You thoughts would be appreciated




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