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You Thought INTEL had a Problem

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Posted (edited)

These problems affect the secure processor that is embedded in the AMD processor core (made by ARM).

It is in no way anything like the major Intel screw-up. Not even close. Most of these exploits require administrator privileges on the local computer, and direct hardware access (they can't even work in a VM). Most security vulnerabilities are of this class ("local privilege escalation leading to code execution"). A small patch, and it will be fixed - WITHOUT a performance impact. ;)

What Intel did (bypass security checks) is not only extremely serious, but it must be a deliberate design decision. How they couldn't see what they were doing, is stretching credulity.

Maybe this is why AMD have trouble in the performance side of things, because they don't go breaking fundamental security structures??!

As for the security flaws the paper exposed: while the flaws may be real, the intent certainly isn't. It looks like a major attempt at market manipulation. They are now under investigation by the SEC.

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