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I have a new PC dedicated to FSX and it is has Windows 10 installed.  FSX works fine, but my HAT-Track from VR Insight (now discontinued) crashes every time I try to connect it with "simconnect" and, yes I do have the latest FSUIPC installed.  Does anyone know of a fix for this or of an alternative for tracking the scene with movement of the head?

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3. If you play MSFSX, please go to the “Game Interface” of “Setting” of HAT-Track
software and check “Simconnect” is checked.
4. Check your game view is in 3D mode or not.
MSFS9 2004 : Default cockpit view is 2D. Press “S” button to change 3D virtual cockpit
MSFSX : Go to main game screen. Find “Setting” and click. Find “Customize…” and
click. Find “Aircraft” and verify “3-D virtual cockpit” of “Default cockpit view”
is checked.
5. If you play MSFSX, before using HAT-Track, please do software patch
(Acceleration, SP1, SP2) first.
6. Even if FSUIPC4.x is properly installed and it says its okay, but you load MSFSX
and still find no "Add-Ons" menu. In this case, it is simply a matter of telling the
firewall or privacy program to trust FSX, to move it to the trusted and internet



Try reinstalling simconnect, would be my suggestion.

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Thanks for responding to my issue with HAT-Track.

The problem continues nevertheless.  I cannot find the Acceleration nor the SP1 patches.  I can find SP2 but that won't work without the SP1.

As for HAT-Track itself, FS X is not 'hot' in the HAT-Track Settings box.  There is no way I can see to "check" "Simconnect".  It is just simply loaded into the Settings page.  I am having no problem with flying SFX  It's getting HAT-Track to work that is the issue.  In fact today, the blue light is on in the receiver when I start or restart the PC, but as soon as I open HAT-Track the light goes off.  This has occurred after a complete reinstall of HAT-Track!

This is quite frustrating!

Phillip M

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