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  1. H.O.T.A.S. ! I have a yoke, but it takes up way to much room.
  2. Is that a European swallow, or an African swallow? And how does it carry the coconut ?
  3. See Martin, I told you it was unbearable. LOL Sue
  4. Martin, that's simply unbearable.
  5. Caught a possum on the porch camera a couple months ago. No bears, thank goodness.
  6. I still have Crysis, Crysis Warhead, and Crysis Wars. Thank you STEAM. I enjoyed them all, and my (then) system, had no problem. It helps to build your own, makes it much cheaper to stay up to date with your hardware.
  7. Free on Kindle Unlimited. https://www.amazon.com/Long-Way-Home-Revised-ebook/dp/B00457XJ2K/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= And I went over to Simmarket and grabbed the Pilot's 314 basic.
  8. Assuming you are running Windows, it will assign a new drive letter when you boot up after installing the new drive. Nothing need be done in the bios. Or did you want to boot up from the other drive ? What version of Window are you running ?
  9. Penzoil3

    Helo Vet!

    Cute film of bouncing cats. Thanks Sue
  10. Penzoil3

    Helo Vet!

    Quite successfully too. There is too much chance of injury. One of them had his right eye glopped shut from the altercation. Applied eye drops all day yesterday. He's better today, the eye is open. Can't have them hurting one another. So far as the caniforms, they were raised by cats, and think they are cats. We don't tell them any different. They are just larger than their siblings. Sue
  11. Penzoil3

    Helo Vet!

    Two of our cats were starting to argue. I plonked a one inch pile of catnip in front of each of them. Peace and quiet reigned. Plonked a 3rd pile on the scratch circle for the other innocent cat, he couldn't be left out; after all. LOL Sue
  12. Penzoil3

    Helo Vet!

    Per the Feline Galactic Counsel instructions, I dutifully put out cat nip.
  13. Been there, done that. The only problem is being awake while they do it. Watching the tools come at you; is nervous making. It's well worth it though.
  14. I remember how good FS95 looked after the old wire frame sims.
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