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  1. Penzoil3

    Man Up

    Yeah Ron, he's almost as smooth as you are. LOL Sue
  2. Penzoil3

    Man Up

    ROFLMAO ! Great!
  3. Do you even have a microphone on the computer ? If not, how the heck can it listen, and why turn it off ? I agree about the phone. TV's don't have mikes either Noel. Sue
  4. I was told that by the man himself. I didn't say it made sense.
  5. I was told it wasn't anything I said at OrbX. It was disrespecting JV on other sites. Umm, I may have left the "V" off his last name in a post... The man has no sense of humor. LOL Sue
  6. I think I read this book. Isn't this about the point in the plot where the survivors start to mutate ? Sue
  7. To keep this in perspective, the population of the US is 328.2 million. 42,000 is a drop in the bucket. Not to minimize anyone's loss. Each life is important. Sue
  8. Hey Jazz, what are you hiding ? Paranoid much? Sue
  9. Yay Birdguy! I totally agree ! We are what we are. Drum on my friend. Sue
  10. Too old, I'll argue. Lazy, I understand completely. LOL Sue
  11. Noel, they are modular. Any mother board comes with complete instructions. I could have talked you through it on the phone. I've done it before. Sue
  12. How do you do that? I Just got my Rift S less than a month ago, I'm new at VR. Thanks Sue
  13. Grab a used Ipad 4 for less than a $100 on ebay. Mine works just fine for the RemoteFlight apps. I use the radio most. https://www.remoteflight.net/
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