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  1. Darn, you guys are making want to go bike shopping!
  2. Rule 1- you are invisible ! Rule 2- should you be seen, they will aim for you ! These 2 rules kept me alive on motorcycles.
  3. Back in the day, I rode a Kawasaki 500 triple. Never did find out how fast it would go... I chickened at 120 mph, it was starting to float a bit. I had 2000 rpm left, and another gear to go. I started thinking about what one little rock would do, with it floating a bit. My old man rode a 650 BSA, stuffed in a 500 flat tracker frame. He was clocked at over a 100, escaping a traffic stop once. He was crazier than I was... but they didn't catch him. Over 40 years later it's funny, it wasn't at the time.
  4. My sister always said; since we networked computers, they spend nights talking about ways to drive us crazy. I think she was right.
  5. Love the games, will try the series. Trailer looks good.
  6. I see a few of you are well trained. LOL Sue
  7. Ah, the memories. Falcon 3 was my first real flight sim. Ran on a 386 PC. I seem to remember 256k of ram, and a 100 mb hard drive. And a 3 1/2 inch floppy drive.
  8. Happy Birthday Fr. Bill. How could you possibly be alone... He is always with you. Not to mention that you are in the hearts of a lot of flight simmers who love you. Sue
  9. Bought a snow blower last year. Girl Scouts do "be prepared " too. May get to use it soon...
  10. How about the old "system restore".
  11. Wow. Interesting, As a long time Fallout series player, I may have to watch this.
  12. https://grassmonkeysimulations.com/shop-2/ https://www.trackhat.org/sensorv2
  13. Ok, HiFlyer, but if you have several 3 or 4 tb mech drives that are not too old, replacement on a fixed income is not happening... I mean, I'd love to have all SSD, but...
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