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  1. Penzoil3

    PC Aviator issues?

    What, no way ! Never buying from them again ! I bought it, I want a backup installer.
  2. Penzoil3

    Some advice

    Thanks, good idea !
  3. Penzoil3

    Back to FS9

    Second the motion ! I wish I still had My 1960 Austin-Healy 3000. I still drive it in Horizon 4. LOL Sue
  4. Penzoil3

    Eaglesoft and BDO Aviation

    Don't hold your breath. I'm still waiting for P3D 3 compatibility on the Twin Commanche. Promised in 2016...
  5. Penzoil3

    Being pleasant pays..

    I keep my blinds closed. At my age, I would scare the neighbors, not get laughs.
  6. Penzoil3

    Train Sim World: Long Island Railroad

    I haven't switched to CSX. I'm still running TS 19, and happy with it. A lot of people here run train sims, and racing sims, and truck sims. Thanks for putting this thread back! Sue
  7. Penzoil3

    Dual boot?

    No, install W7 on the existing 1TB SSD system drive, and then install the new drive for all your games. Keep the games separate from your OS. Get rid of W 10. W-7 is perfectly safe as long as you have a good security program like ESET, or Kaspersky installed. I use ESET, Jay Kae (the server guy for OrbX, remember him?) always recommended it. Sue
  8. Penzoil3

    Getting a new simulator and computer...

    Had both done several years ago. If I knew how much better my vision would be, I'd have done it sooner! Just make sure you follow all the directions pre surgery. Use all the eye drops and so forth. It prevents problems later. I didn't realize I was completely blind in my left eye from the congenital cataract until they put the patch on the right eye after the surgery. Suddenly everything went black. It was quite a shock. I guess the blindness came on gradually, and I adjusted without realizing. It was a congenital cataract after all... Sue
  9. Penzoil3


    This one ?
  10. Penzoil3

    PC Pilot or Computer Pilot?

    Me too. I use my I Pad though.
  11. Penzoil3

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    How about Flying Leathernecks ?
  12. Penzoil3

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    Nah, at Demas VW, we rebuilt them ourselves. We had a section that just did engine and transaxle overhauls. I had a fellow mechanic who built VW's for drag racing. He took what was normally a 56 horse VW and blew it up to about 120 horse. It would be good for 1, repeat 1 run down the strip. Then it would be rebuilt for 1 more run. I thought he was crazy, but he had a lot of fun, and the fastest VW I ever saw. He's the one that told me about putting a Porsche centrifugal advance distributor in a VW. Did wonders for the acceleration. I did a overhaul in the front yard once, with a stack of 4x4's, didn't have a floor jack back then. Of course, back then I could dead lift the engine and carry it over to the work bench too. I was 25, sigh. LOL
  13. Looking forward to the Boxcar.
  14. Penzoil3

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    Those puddles would rust up the tube the throttle cable went through. We used tons of WD 40 flushing them out. Occasionally a rough spot would develop (for some unknown reason) where the cable exited the tube at the rear, just before going through the fan shroud. That was the site of most breaks. There really wasn't much to do to re align the cable run. It just wasn't accessible. Sue
  15. Penzoil3

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    W2DR I can handle it.Many years ago, I was the only female line mechanic at a VW dealership. (1976) The guys all put pin up pictures on their roll-a-rounds. So I put up the Jim Palmer Playgirl centerfold. The next day, word came from management - all pin ups had to go. That was fair... BTW when gals get together, we talk about men, of course. Sue