Unstable flight in Xplane 11.11

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After years of using FSX without significant problems I upgraded to a Windows 10 desktop and X plane 11 a few months ago.

The CPU is Intel(r) Core (TM) i3- 6098P @3.6GHz & 8.0GB of RAM.  The GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI.

Xplane runs at 30- 37 fps with CPU running at 0.26 and GPU running at 0.15.

In real life I have flown about 300 hours split between Chipmunks and PA 38 Tomahawk mainly.

With grahics settings at medium or low in Xplane 11 at 1,000 ft, or less, these (and the default 172) aircraft are very unstable as if in very turbulent conditions and are impossible to fly accurately. At altitudes about 3,000ft flight becomes more stable.

I would appreciate guidance please on what I can do to achieve more stable flight.

Thank you.




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well, i3 is a rather low spec processor, I believe, and "only" 8GB RAM isn't going to allow you to get the most out of some of the nifty features. I am not much better, with my old i5 2500 @ 3,3 GHz, but I have 16 GB DDR3 ( old too ) RAM, and a GTX 960 with 4GB GDDR5.

I get smooth performance overall in XP11, but I use very conservative settings because I am mostly up to airliner simulation now, in Airbus ( FF and Toliss ).

Make sure you do not increase you AA more than one tick from the left of the scale if you're on HDR. Turning shadows to the lower settings helps too, if you don't mind about doing so...

In the "General" settings menu you should opt for 3 flight models per frame. More would be better for more complex aircraft and rotary wing, but I don't know if your CPU would stand it ( ? ) 

Avoid detailed mesh, which is great but only for guys with powerful desktops. Also avoid too much autogen. 

If you're referring to "instability" regarding under windy conditions, then that's another matter - it has been widely discussed at many XP forums and users complain about it while operating on ground under x-wind conditions, sometimes even with light wind reported, and also inflight whenever there are wind variability fields in a METAR for the zone you're flying in and affecting the levels you're crossing.

Some weather injectors "massage" these effects and can bring a better experience, or at least one which resembles more what we feel IRL.

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Thank you jcomm I will tweak my settings as you suggest and so how that improves things. The instability I refer to ocurrs even when landing directly into wind, so its not just a cross wind effect.

Thank you for your help



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