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XML gauge - Test mode

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I've made a cabin temp gauge useing xml. Im trying to make the gauge peak when i switch on the test mode for checking lamps ect.
i have this :

-<Image Name="tempneedleWindow.bmp" PointsTo="North">
<Axis Y="69" X="2"/>
<Value Maximum="60" Minimum="-40">(L:CabinTemp,Celsius) </Value>
<Item Y="79" X="31" Value="-40"/>
<Item Y="60" X="56" Value="0"/>
<Item Y="60" X="75" Value="14"/>
<Item Y="79" X="138" Value="60"/>
<Delay DegreesPerSecond="10"/>

The Lvar for the test switch is

<Value> (L:TestMasterSwitch) </Value>
Whitch returns values of 0,1 and 2. Im useing the value 0 to illuminate the lamps on my gauge, witch i've done.

Looking at other examples, i think i need to add the (L:TestMasterSwitch) Lvar somewhere in the above <Value>...''string''(?)

Something like ; if {(L:TestMasterSwitch) 0 then (L:CabinTemp,Celsius) 60 else (L:CabinTemp,Celsius)......
(if test switch is turned on,then set temp gauge to 60 (peak), otherwise return (L:CabinTemp,Celsius) value.

Just not sure how to write the above in XML language.

Can anyone please help?


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Just guessing, how about:

<Value ... >(L:TestMasterSwitch) 0 == if{ (L:CabinTemp,Celcius) } els{ 60 }</Value>


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Hi Barry

Glad to report that did the trick! :biggrin:

I had to change to 0 to a 1 though as it was reversed.

the complete string:

<Value Minimum="-40" Maximum="60">(L:CabinTemp,Celsius) + (L:TestMasterSwitch) 1 == if{ (L:CabinTemp,Celcius) } els{ 60 }</Value>

Thank you, appreciate the help!


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