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[RESOLVED] Incorrect encoding P3D4.2

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Hi, please need advise, while everything is with correct encoding, I get a warning that, 

the following files have an incorrect encoding in Addon Organizer for P3D 4.2.

C:\ProgramData\Locked Martin\Prepar3DV4\scenery.cfg

How shall I correct for correct encoding? Please Help


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If your simulator is working correctly, you don't have to concern yourself with this. It is just a warning.

If you really want to correct it, then use the free "Notepad++" app, open the scenery.cfg with it and change the encoding to UCS-2 LE BOM (Top menu "Encoding" select "Encode in UCS2- LE BOM", save the file)

Be aware though, that changing the ecoding can break the file - make sure that you have a backup and that there are no funny looking charactes visible in Notepad++. The same could happen if an automated installer appends to this file while assuming a different encoding that than file actually has. The result is a file that is completely unreadable. I suggest to create backups frequently, just in case.

The real question is though, how it ended up having a different encoding. UCS-2 LE / UTF16 is the standard encoding of the file that it has when it is created. If this is not true any more, then something has happened to the file that changed the encoding - which is not a good thing. This could happen if you try to edit the file manually with Windows Notepad, if you try using a scenery management tool made for FSX or at the hands of an automated installer. Just be aware that if the file is not in the encoding that it is supposed to have, it can be broken to the point of being unreadable quite easily.

Best regards


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