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May I please seek technical opinions and advice regarding my next projector acquisition:

I have been using projectors for simming for the past fifteen years now, it offers two important feature for me : (1) a life like image dimension wise, (2) it is much safer and kinder for the eyes than LED monitor screens.

Later this year we expect the release of the new Nvidia Volta that will improve further graphic performances. However, we know that P3Dv4.2 is still pretty much reliant on CPU (mine is a 8700K OC at 4.7). So there will be some benefits but it is anybody's guess as to what it will translate to in P3D. From what I read on AVSIM and elsewhere, Lockheed Martin seems to be working to shift as much load as possible from the CPU to the GPU in future releases. So a strong GPU might become handy in the future...

Given my limited understanding on the task sharing between CPU and GPU and the impact on P3D performances, here is how I see it for a Nvidia GTX 1070 (waiting for Volta) and a (native) 4K projector:

P3Dv4.2 graphic settings and CPU/GPU respective workload (This is where I would need confirmation if my assumptions are correct):

  • FXAA : ON
  • Texture Resolution : Ultra 4096 (CPU generated?)
  • Anisotropic: 16x (CPU or GPU processed?)
  • AA: 4 SSAA (CPU or GPU processed?)
  • Display Nvidia GTX 1070 (Volta in future)
  • Resolution : Presently HD 1920 x 1080, Future: 4096 x 2160 (GPU generated ?)

So is it correct to assume that if I acquire a 4K projector :

  1. My CPU will not be used more than at present since it is already delivering Ultra texture resolution ?
  2. My (future) GPU will deliver the 4K resolution to the projecxtor, hence my overall P3D performance will not be affected ?

Thank you for any clarification and help.

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