Can't map default P3D commands on P3Dv4

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Hi, after migrating from P3Dv3 to v4, I reinstalled latest fsuipc and Linda versions, I lost my settings files in the process.
Anyway, I started configuring the PMDG NGX and for some reason I can't map any default FSX/P3D commands anymore to my switches.
NGX commands works well like always but only default FSX commands won't work with P3Dv4.

I only found one person with the same issue online who seems to have resolved it but he didn't really explain how he fixed it.

Any idea ?

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I should not need to tell you (now) but backup everything in Modules folder up before doing any major changes.

All Default FSX functions are found in the LIB: Default FSX library. Due to the nature of PDMG aircraft not all Default FSX functions are recognised and may not work. Use the PMDG module functions where possible.

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Hi, thanks for your help, well I actually backed up and lost the files on my server which failed (it's been a terrible week).

Anyway, for example I'm trying to set one button for all cockpit lights, and it doesn't look like there is such a function for the NGX (all lights at once). I know that the FSX/P3D function works well (Shift+L by default) but not when setup by Linda.

Also last time I checked LINDA can't set multiple commands for one button, is it still the case ? Because that would solve my issue as I wouldn't even need default commands anymore.

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It is best to avoid using key sequences. If you wish to combine multiple actions (functions) under one action then you will need to create your own bespoke function NGX_Lights_All_toggle(). This is best created in your own user.lua for the aircraft.

With PMDG 737NGX selected, click on Edit button and then Edit User. This will open the user.lua file in Editor. Above the log line create a new function (click on Function shortcut top left), then place each light function use wish to include inside the new function:

Function NGX_Lights_All_toggle()






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