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hi everybody, i dont know if it exists (i searched but didn't found it-bad me if it exists), a sticky topic about real life atc procedures we should follow on pilot2atc to make the flight as realistic as possible.

i will give an example and if dave or somebody else who is responsible and know how to use the forum, can make it sticky. when i start a flight i do this on pilot2atc:

1. i connect to atis and listen the atis transmission. then based to active departure runway i make my ifr plan (without choosing arrival star and approach) and fix the altimeter

2. request clearence on my ifr plan and get the squawk code

3. request pushback and engine start

4. request taxi to active runway

5. request takeoff

6. during flight i follow some basic procedure , alt changes, radio freq changes.

7. when i get close to the arrival airport i get from atc the active arrival runway and the star (because i think this happens in reality)

8. i land and ask for taxi to a gate

now the questions:

is it like that in real life?

also when we get to the gate, is there a final request or info to the atc that we arrived and we get off the plane?

i think if any of you would have to add any real life atc procedures that might exist or not in pilot2atc, it can help dave in the future to improve it

thank you

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I think commercial flights always file a full flight plan, including STAR arrivals based on the active runways at the destination airport at the time of filing the flight plan.  You can see examples of these flight plans by visiting (I've pointed to an example flight here):

Look for the route description on the right side of the screen, which shows the SID and STAR identifiers, in this example: 


Just to the right of that you can click on "decode" on the right side of the screen to see this:

which is the full set of waypoints in the flight plan.

As you can see, they don't wait until they are approaching the destination airport to file the STAR and runway arrival info, although if the arrival airport has changed active runways enroute, they will be reassigned to a new arrival path and runway.

Hope this helps.

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