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Do you mean the Procedure Pronunciation  Editor? It's located here:

G:\Program Files\Internal Workings\VoxATC P3D 4\ProcedurePronunciationEditor.exe

I don't believe it works correctly with the 64 bit version of VOXATC and Windows 10.  In any event, the editor only changes the pronunciation of the SIDs and STARs. To align the SIDs and STARs to the most recent AIRAC, you need a subscription to Navigraph.

Even though the editor does not work, you can edit the XML file directly with either Notepad or Notepad++  and it is located here:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Internal Workings\VoxATC P3D 4\ProcedureNameConverter.xml

Make a backup of the original file, in case you mess something up.

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Sorry, I've never seen that utility in the 64 bit version 7. It's probably because people have either a Navigraph subscription or that plus an fsaerodata subscription. Some of the V7.41 VOXATC utilities don't work correctly because the 64 bit version of the utility is accidently calling a 32 bit DLL. Everyone was hoping that this (plus the UTL Bridge utility) would be fixed in V7.5, but there's been no mention of any updates for a long time now.

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