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just for learning : linda and mcp combo 2

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Hi all ,

using :P3Dv4.2 on win7

some weeks ago i got my combo 2 at home , installing linda (at the moment version 3.0.7) and uipc 5.132c , and the whole thing worked like a charm

I like to fly and experiment with the virtavia c-17 and saw that not all functions i wanted were in the fsx default , so i clicked on new aircraft, called it virtavia c-17 globemaster  , copied the *fsx default to it and hoppa , test it

so far so good , all standard buttons and knobs were functioning like before , but now the ones i could not manage by the standard options from the standard libs.

for example : the antiskid switch => programmed it at first with the standard fsx option : ANTISKID_BRAKES_TOGGLE 66720 , no luck , the bugger wasn't moving

ok , so i thought may be i have to program a new switch in linda (or wherever) , did go to the tracer option , and searced in the list Lua variables by using the filter : "skid" , and voila there was an option : anti_skid_switch

I toggled the switch by "set value" and yeaaah the switch responded to it, wel that was nice to see 🙂 , some experimenting with the linda console and yeaaah it told me : [L] LVar: anti_skid_switch = 1 or became 0 again

well logical of course .............but now what ???

now i want this info (as far as it is usefull yet)  into the Linda libs of course so i can programm a button to it  , any one ????


thnx in advance




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Welcome to the mysteries of developing for the various flight simulation aircraft. 

To answer your last question first. Any functions you develop and wish to have available as a Library function should be placed in lib-user.lua (in /modules/linda/libs). These will be available to all aircraft. Functions specific to a particular aircraft should be placed in user.lua for that aircraft (in /modules/linda/aircrafts/{your aircraft}).

As you have found, some aircraft developers use the FSIUPC Events, FSUIPC Offsets and Lvars or a combination of all 3. In some cases, they use different methods to operate the button or switch and others to set or change the selected action. Few use the original FSX values (FSUIPC Offsets - listed in /modules/fsuipc documents/). I use LINDA Tracer extensive to identify was values do what and 'watching' how values change when I click I operate a switch in the cockpit.

A summary of the available IPC functions and LUA commands are documented in FSUIPC Documents. More detailed information on LUA syntax and programming can be found using a Goggle search. There are plenty examples of functions that work available in the LINDA supplied .LUA files. In your example, you will need a function like:

function C17-AntiSkid_on()

ipc.writeLvar('anti_skid_switch', 1)


It is a matter of trial and error - a mystery hunt - to work out how to interact with them.

There are 2 key files for any aircraft module - readme.txt and ident.lua. Readme.txt lists the name of the module and version number. ident.lua acts as filter to identify which aircraft the module relates to (eg. simfolder ="Aerosoft A3" picks up the new Aerosoft A318 Pro and Aerosoft A319 Pro). These settings are accessible via the Edit module button.

Andrew Gransden

Scotland, UK

LINDA Support/Developer - VATSIM and BAVirtual - Airbus Flyer

i7 1TB SSD GTX980 - FSX/P3D - Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 - FS2Crew

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Thnx so much for answering so far

If i understand you correct i have to dig in uipc now , well at the moment i dont have time to experiment but as soon i have it again , i will go on and let you know if i got it working or let know my next problem 🙂

i guess it will be the last but we'll see

thnx again


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