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D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

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1.  If I lean out the engines too much they will start to cough, splutter and eventually stop (not to mention loss of power).  Haven't done any mileage testing so can't answer 2nd part.

2.  I've used HDG only but locked pitch, haven't tried without, if I get time will test it out tonight.

I'm using P3D V4.3 ... the only thing that has caught me out a few times is the adding/removing/assigning of controllers in P3D V4.3

a. When adding a new axis assignment to my TQ6, say mixture the sensitivity screen doesn't show the newly added axis, I have to hit OK, return to sim, then go back into Controllers section and then I see the axis appear in my sensitivity screen and I'll have set their full ranges (1-127) again (P3D V4.3 defaults them to limited values) ... fortunately my calibrations remain intact.

b. When exporting a controller profile, that provide is specific to currently selected device and is not global (all devices).  Same for importing.

Cheers, Rob.

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On 7/17/2018 at 11:53 AM, z06z33 said:

I'm the maker of the video,I'm a real world flight instuctor, but have no Beech 18 time but there is another member here who flew the Beech 18 and he said they were bad,the issue is the plane flies more like a Extra 300 than a heavy twin


Did the recent Carenado update for the D18S address any of the issues you raised  in your work arounds?


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On 17/7/2018 at 17:53, z06z33 said:

Soy el creador del video, soy un verdadero conductor de vuelo del mundo, pero no tengo tiempo de Beech 18, pero hay otro miembro aquí que voló el Beech 18 y dijo que eran malos, el problema es que el avión vuela más como un 300 extra que un gemelo pesado

Hello, I would like to know if you could help me, I have visualized your video many times but unfortunately I do not understand English, and the subtitles of yutube are pretty bad, when it comes to modifications in my simulator it is always easier with written texts, it would be Please kindly describe the steps that must be performed to make the sound change of the d18 ?, I understand everything until the modification of the .cfg file arrives, thank you very much for your attention

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