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Exit/door control XML gauge for the PMDG Boeing 747-400

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Hi there,

I'm trying to find out how to program a XML gauge to operate the exits/doors and cargo hatches at the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies (Version 2.1 from 2008). PMDG has its own operation setup, so I have defined/accepted the following commands:

Shift+e for the doors, shift+c for the cargo hatches, shift+j for the tail jack, shift+s for the stairs, shift+n for the nose loader and shift+q for the side loader.

Does anyone know how to translate this in a XML command? I tried

<Area Left="5" Top="6" Width="20" Height="20">
        <Click Event="Shift+e"/>
        <Cursor Type="Hand"/>

but this doesn't work. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance


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I've had success in the past using the "XMLVARS" program to I.D. the custom L:VARS

used by payware aircraft.  If you find that the doors are custom L:VARS, you can then 

incorporate them into your own gauge.

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