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  1. I almost thought that Ron's story didn't end well..
  2. I always wanted to fly accidentally a Starfighter but unfortunately i never could!
  3. Since the aircraft is in its parking position, a "Rear support frame" is usually placed under the tail for loading and unloading to prevent this!
  4. This is not a video related to any Ufo encounter at YT! But honestly, how many "strange things" see you during the flight! And remember, most of the pilots see something only one time, if its not captured on a vid!
  5. @Elvensmith If you downloaded the RFP "City of Everett" mod also make sure that you not rename the main folder! The main folder must have the "FSX_RFP_N7470_MOD_FINAL" nameing, otherwise it will give problems (CTDs) with some entries in the panel.cfg and custom sound.cfg of the respective panel folder!
  6. I compare Flightsims a bit with Coverbands. As good as many of them are, they will never reach the original! The Devs still learning this new Sim and I am sure we will have in two or three years realistic virtual planes which we had like this never before!
  7. Ok ,i rescue this thread! In case anyone missed it:
  8. That's sad, my condolences to his family! Certainly a big loss for the developer community! I didn't know him personally, but you could tell from his work that he was someone with a lot of experience in this genre! Thanks for all your work! Ruhe in Frieden!
  9. Provided from the Museum of Flight in Seattle: https://museumofflight.org/Explore-The-Museum/Virtual-Museum-Online (Hold left mouse button to change view)
  10. Btw, Happy Birthday, Birdguy! Stay healthy! 😉
  11. Ok, i see! Yes, in your case it makes sense!
  12. Dont know how old you are but biking instead of hiking...?
  13. I hope you! But hand on heart, do we always buy what we really need? Or also often what is cheaper or more convenient than what might be better in terms of quality or sustainability? I think there are better alternatives for self-driving cars such as taxis, buses or organized community car pools! The number of vehicles is reduced and people even have jobs!
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