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  1. Hi I also have ORBX Global installed and it's changed the textures but in the background everything looks terrible i.e. random buildings, landclass, ground texture blurry. Can anyone suggest anything to help improve it? https://ibb.co/Zhwrrk5 https://ibb.co/4TZBPrG Thanks in advance Jordan
  2. Hi Is it possible to request a repaint of the Flyglobespan 757-200 for the Captainsim 757 III for FSX/P3D? Many thanks Jordan
  3. Great sounds for the 757/767. Would you consider any sound mods for the PMDG737NGXU?
  4. Hi Does anyone know of a good interior soundset for the likes of wingviews? Specifically for the 737NG series. I'd like to capture some fotoage etc using the wingview of the PMDG but the sound is external not the interior. Any help would be appreciated. TIA
  5. Hi in previous flight sims we have been able to open a second camera view in a new window. So often during flight I would have my main view in the 3D cockpit but a little square window at the top with an outside view. is this possible in the new flight sim or will it be in future? TIA
  6. Hi guys Thanks very much for all your comments and input. Especially the detailed st explains exactly what to do. I’ll sit down and read through all the posts and try out what you have all suggested and see how I get on. I’ll definitely start with 4.8 and see how I get on from there. Many thanks 😊
  7. Is there a way to restore the camera buttons and assignments back to default? I've set up a load but want to change them.
  8. Hi guys I bought a new rig a few months back and I got one that could be overclocked to increase performance. I have never overclocked before so as you can imagine I wish some advice before touching anything. I got a Gigabyte Z390 motherboard which has an Intel i5 9600KF processor. 16GB RAM and an Nvidia Geforce RTX2070 graphics card. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks
  9. Hi All I decided to create a YouTube video using different clips from a recent flight that I'd taken in P3Dv4. I've tried to do something different, now I know most people like to just see views from the VC after all we are virtual pilots and spend most of our time in the flight deck but the clips I've taken focus mainly on the different exterior views as well as wingviews of the flight. Feedback would be appreciated. FR692 Prestwick (EGPK) - Alicante (LEAL)
  10. Thanks. Got it working with AI Companion 🙂
  11. Hi Guys Is there a way to limit the amount of aircraft shown by distance/radius from the user aircraft? I have my traffic slider at 30% which is fine for EGSS but my the AI Traffic menu also has a whole list of aircraft at EGKK and EGLL which really impacts my FPS. I can lower the slider for aircraft but it deletes AI from EGSS as well as the other London airports. Thanks
  12. Hi Can anyone assist with this, suddenly the lights on the pushback vehicle have turned blue. It is the same with my QW757 taxi and landing lights. Has something happened to the halo file? I have no idea whats happened, I've changed nothing. I have attached a photo showing the blue shine from the vehicle lights but note they shine at white. https://drive.google.com/file/d/190xe6r6WczzIi32yA7thrB8p0gngs1du/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/open?id=1frW84UBOxudnsKVK4CmtYQYfNqEDzliw Thanks
  13. that’s true actually mate. It’ll be £100 cheaper as I’d get it with win 10 installed I’m not that savvy with those things. Much better spec. Could definitely be a goer !
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