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  1. My experience with the FSX SDK resampler shows that the result is a rounding of a 0-255 graduated water mask down to a single bit decision 0-127 and 128-255;( I had a bit of success using the blend mask on the water but that takes out the seabed terrain at the same time.Thats why I was in awe of what you had achieved with TP as the seabed/riverbed/coral reefs etc are rendered in beautiful full colour (same as turning off the reflection effects in the SIM) but with a lovely transparent water effect over the top...now that is something.
  2. Christian - I was meaning to get tips on how your water effects "method" could be used in a general sense for photographic custom terrain outside of Tile Proxy. I was wondering how it translates into resampler ini files etc but can understand if you regard this as the wrong forum.Rob
  3. Thanks Christian - although I'm a little unskilled in this area.I tried varying the water mask 8 bit values between 0 ( black , water) and 255 (white , land) and Resampler just rounds back to 0 or up to 255 with the result of either full water effects or land and nothing in between.Have I misinterpreted your post ? Not sure how to set the alpha component to a non interger as you suggest.
  4. Christian, you have certainly done a fantastic job on the water blending and relections. IS this something to can share with us please - I'm doing some manual photographic scenery and the water reflection effects at "low2.x" wash out most of underlying reef/bottom colours.How do you change the water reflectivity levels - I couldn't find anything in the SDKs.Rob
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