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Strange third party initialisation/connection add on issues [v4.3]

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Hi all,

Hoping for some help. Running v4.3 (Client upgrades from v4.0 only) and am seeing some very strange third party addons issues across many manufacturers. As an example:

- At Aerosoft EGLL, ProAtcX and AirTrafficManager cannot connect (even if I load into another airport which does load properly and then "Go To" the airport from the navigation menu. In this scenario, ProAtcX thinks I am positioned at 0 degrees Lat and Long (and is not accessible from within Prepar3d) and AirTrafficManager stops being able to count and delete AI aircraft. I also see very odd things with FSLabs A320 where it cannot properly load panel states (for example going from Ready for Taxi to On GPU leaves the engines running). PMDG aircraft seem to load OK (but I cannot see the green "Initialising" message at the top with the countdown I can see elsewhere)

- At UK2000 EGPF, I see weird behaviour where FSLabs A320 literally will not move. I can have TOGA thrust, no parking brakes, chocks etc. and the aircraft remains completely stationary. There are also similar panel state issues and issues with ProAtcX

- At Corfu X, I can move the FSLabs A320 but have panel state issues.

By contrast, airports like FSDreamTeam KLAX are fine and have no issues with any of the add ons I mention above.

For context, I am using:

Orbx Global/Vector

Sky Force

Active Sky

It doesn't seem to make a difference whether or not I use Active Sky and Sky Force.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this? At first I thought it was something wrong with Simconnect, but then when I saw the issues with FSLabs I knew it had to be something else. It's like there's some initialisation issues with certain third party sceneries? I'd really rather avoid a full reinstall if possible. Can anyone recommend any additional logging I could look at or further troubleshooting steps?

Thanks in advance.

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Re the Labs bus.Does it work by starting from Cold and Dark rather than a saved state?

Some users have had problems with saved states.

If it works from C&D your basic aircraft installation is ok.

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