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  1. Hi, Have a look at the FSLabs forum. Some users are reporting a severe frame rate drop once the aircraft starts moving, and that is with the latest version, Have you updated? Earlier in the year some folks had frame rate drops due to a bad windows update which got resolved by a further windows update!
  2. Great Plane ,good value and flys well. Early problems sorted but do bear in mind that this was a pre- boeing plane so that you have to adjust to the systems. I use it a lot!
  3. I have had this issue and so have others with FSLabs buses.Usually solved by turning off then back on.
  4. Yet another post taken over by the P3D v MSFS arguments! Grow up and stick to answering the question posed without showing your own personal perferences. We all will fly whichever sim we have when it suits us even some guys are still using FS9 ,others are using FSX etc but please stop this bias of one sim v another. The forums in Avsim have too many MSFS v other sim posts which are spoiling the reading of many topics for many.
  5. The DVD version is only available in Europe from Aerosoft
  6. Ray, What makes you think that either of them will lose out? If that was the case they should have researched the whole after sales market before developing the product.
  7. A recent squirrel vid shows the settings menus and uses the wide screen resolution himself.watched it last evening on YT.
  8. In East Lancashire last night we had a very quiet time of it .No rain nor lightening to be seen for miles around.We live on a hill! High temp and humid conditions is something that we are having to get used too
  9. Chris in East Lancs we did not get anything until 02:30 which lasted just short of an hour.
  10. no issues this am in uk. Over the last few days I have not had any issues here with Avsim .
  11. The £900,000 cost also covered the D check which the aircraft had at Marshalls of Cambridge.. The popular press have failed yet again with this story!
  12. Guys, In Europe Adult only cruises have been available for many years.P & O cruises have featured them for at least five years.Within the fleet you have adult only ships,Family ships and these tend to be the bigger ones! Carnival who own P & O have a similar split within other cruise lines which they own .The Branson offering may be welcome for the American market however the ship for the Med next year whilst full of the latest tech brings nothing new to the cruising market except for its appeal to the younger cruisers.
  13. Best wishes for the future Jim. I have fought this sort of fight ,that was in 1995 and I am still here thanks to my medical team and 20 pills daily.A small price to pay to lead a full life again. Keep smiling through the dark times!!
  14. Perhaps a more robust method of sending the information down the line to the people who really need it may be required! The AD seems pointed to US operators and leasing companies.Does this also get passed on to European regulators etc and by whom ,FAA or Boeing.?
  15. Thanks Kevin. In the summary section the following words appear stating that this AD was sent to all known US operators and owners of this aircraft. So I ask again how do we find out how this information was relayed to the worldwide operators.
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