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  1. Guys, In Europe Adult only cruises have been available for many years.P & O cruises have featured them for at least five years.Within the fleet you have adult only ships,Family ships and these tend to be the bigger ones! Carnival who own P & O have a similar split within other cruise lines which they own .The Branson offering may be welcome for the American market however the ship for the Med next year whilst full of the latest tech brings nothing new to the cruising market except for its appeal to the younger cruisers.
  2. Best wishes for the future Jim. I have fought this sort of fight ,that was in 1995 and I am still here thanks to my medical team and 20 pills daily.A small price to pay to lead a full life again. Keep smiling through the dark times!!
  3. Perhaps a more robust method of sending the information down the line to the people who really need it may be required! The AD seems pointed to US operators and leasing companies.Does this also get passed on to European regulators etc and by whom ,FAA or Boeing.?
  4. Thanks Kevin. In the summary section the following words appear stating that this AD was sent to all known US operators and owners of this aircraft. So I ask again how do we find out how this information was relayed to the worldwide operators.
  5. It would help anyone who is following this topic if someone can explain how the information contained in the FAA document is then shared with the other regulatory bodies and airlines around the world. Did it get caught up in the US shutdown and Christmas holidays?
  6. Well after reading all of the posts I have come to one conclusion that apart from our thoughts on the endless speculation as to cause or causes why dont we spare a thought for all of the victims of this crash. Just sit on our hands and await the outcome of the official reports.Only then can you all sound off!
  7. Agree ,Good Aircraft had it about a year now without any CTD when changing views.
  8. Hi ray , Thanks, I am only using Defender so will investigate it further. I want to set up RC on this new machine having not used RC for about 12 months when original machine gave up!!!
  9. I am having trouble with this download from the cloud as my machine,Win 10 using Opera browser does not like the file.I have got a copy downloaded however when running the said file It will not open due to the following message. Due to a potential virus or unwanted software the program will not function. All I am wanting is to generate a key for my new installation on a fresh machine! Can anyone please help?
  10. Thanks,The problem is my machine will not download it.!!!
  11. Many thanks for all of your hard work,support, for this great product. I have just tried to download both files.The main file downloads ok however the key generator file on my system will not download as it shows a virus detected.I use Opera as a browser.
  12. Ray, I use UTX Europe and can fly into Heathrow without stutters.I use the UK2000 version.Make sure that all the UTX entries are below your Heathrow entry too.
  13. Hi, When starting your sim do you get a UTL box showing that it is in fact present. When first using the sim after installing UTL you should have had the permissions box to tick. If not ,I would do a complete re-install.
  14. Hi Chris, This reflects the different approach that various development teams take! It would make life a lot easier if they could all subscribe to a code of practice covering some elements of the work which each team produces. However,the world is far from perfect!
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