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  1. norman s

    Ultimate Traffic Live issues

    Hi, When starting your sim do you get a UTL box showing that it is in fact present. When first using the sim after installing UTL you should have had the permissions box to tick. If not ,I would do a complete re-install.
  2. norman s

    TFDi Boeing 717 AutoRudder

    Hi Chris, This reflects the different approach that various development teams take! It would make life a lot easier if they could all subscribe to a code of practice covering some elements of the work which each team produces. However,the world is far from perfect!
  3. Re the Labs bus.Does it work by starting from Cold and Dark rather than a saved state? Some users have had problems with saved states. If it works from C&D your basic aircraft installation is ok.
  4. norman s

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    Hi, I run Win 10 home,am fully updated re Windows updates and am not having problems with either P3Dv4.1 nor with FSX-SE. I am doing test flights for a developer on both platforms without any problems.I do not think any of our test team members are having problems and we are from around the world.
  5. Strange,Simmarket helped me a few months ago when another product purchased from them played up!That was before the Aerosoft take over!
  6. Hi, I have that airport which loaded without a problem. Either try a fresh download from Simmarket - Log On to Simmarket .once in,look for your purchase Incheon Airport and re-download.If that fails to work contact Simmarket who will assist.
  7. It must be a mistake as nothing is or usually causes anyone any trouble.Have you tried another download without your AV running? Have you also tried running the exe from the file which is shown on my system as RCV43 ? All the files are ok.
  8. Hi, I have used RC with FSLabs Airbus since release in both FSX-SE and P3D without any problems at all. It would appear that you may have a particular problem within your set up.
  9. Hi, My first bit of advice would be to read through the AVSIM guides which offer a load of advice. My next bit of advice would be to turn off your frame rate counter. If you want some detailed help you will need to provide a lot more details such as your cfg as well as you fsx-se settings. Most of us tune our systems with a fresh install ,using a default aircraft and try to get the sim smooth to the eye.It is only after arriving at that point will we then add on any of our addons .After each extra bit of software added we check everything.It is tedious but in the long run it is worth it. The Se is known not to need tweaking to the extent of the boxed version,so Read ,Digest, then have a go.(Just checked and at EGLL UK2000 version the NGX is steady on the ground at 23! but the sim is smooth airborne it rises to 30 as it is locked)
  10. norman s

    Cant close FSX SE

    Hi, This can happen without any other add ons running! Jim uses CTL-C to shut down which is what I usually use.You can still get a slight delay especially if you run a weather program. The delay however is not excessive,usually no longer than a couple of minutes.
  11. norman s

    Added Waypoints and Headings

    Yes,I have had this happen . It can happen when your flight plan which you select is not the plan which appears in the start up box when activating RC.I pay close attention to this and ensure that they match. I regarded this as an operator error!
  12. Hi, Dovetail Games has announced today that it will be creating its own platform to host its offerings.It says that they regard FS and Train Simmers users as hobbyists not pure gamers and have come to the conclusion that they do not sit well on steam alongside each other on Steam.. They have also announced a significant financial input from some new investment source which will help them to achieve this goal. Link http://www.dovetailg...simulation-fans.
  13. norman s

    Aerosoft Airbus a321 will not takeoff.

    Hi If you use thr airbus fuel planner expand it and use it to load the aircraft,If you look at it you will see near the bottom middle of the page the required trim setting ,typicallyDOWN 0.2 orUP 0.1.Adjust your trim using your trim keys/buttons and also enter the values in the perf page.
  14. Hi, In the absence of Dave, here in the UK we would use Unicom to announce our intentions and after a good look around take off heading to our destination.On entering a controlled airspace we would then pass relevant information over to the controller and follow any instructions given back.This would happen during the flight.At the destination airfield ,if no radio or control after a good look out announce our landing intentions again on Unicom. If flying in Europe each country has its own rules for VFR flying and the pilot has to keep up to date with them when planning a journey between countries.
  15. Had the same problem.Just run the full program not the update and use the key and all should be good.That is how I sorted my problem out. Hope that this helps