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  1. this will truly be a Christmas present for many VR newcomers, pilots don't forget the vomit bags! 😂
  2. we are so different when it comes to VR, for me the resolution never played such a big role, The immersion that VR gives you and that you don't have over a normal monitor was also the most important factor: The flight feeling... landing is so much easier in VR. Same with racing, i have lost the fun of racing with a standard monitor, you just dont feel like sitting in a real car. I already had so much fun with the first pair of glasses (Dk1) 2012. But as i said before, we are so different when it comes to VR experience.
  3. Did you also update in the content manager manualy this:World Update II: United States?
  4. thats exsactly what i wanted for flying in VR, i am a big fan of this older stuff too 🤗 "putting on the scarf and vrglasses"
  5. I doubt this, i never spend 1cent in the marketplace and dont plan in the near future, for me the Sim is allready out of this world, so beautiful, so many places to visit, i maybe install some freeware stuff if needed, but not right now. And i hope the Sim will live on for at least the next 10 years 😁
  6. just turn off ai traffic this helps alot, and i use low cockpit refresh rate too, i dont see the need for higher settings, you dont gain visualy anything, but more fps.
  7. aah very nice! stunning what we can do with todays hardware, with a standard DSLR you can photograph some nice astro stuff too, this year in july we fotographed Neowise even without a teleskope!
  8. what i do if i encouner such fps drops (i prefer 60fps experience) i play (lowering) just the renderscale without compromising the visual experience. Most of the Ultra settings are not need while flying anyway, it just eats you fps. Some things need to stay on Ultra tho, like the Couds they look really best on Ultra.
  9. Valve was allways open to support ANY Headset on SteamVR, unlike Faceboog who has sought to keep it exclusive to the company’s own Oculus platform which only supports Rift headsets.
  10. OpenXR is just an implementation to SteamVR, Valve is not moving out fo SteamVR 😂
  11. when i read about the new patch #6 i first wanted to start the sim to see if it start the update automatically, but no luck, klicking on the icon did nothing, not even a message, the sim did not start at all. Looking at the MS store i see the MSFS but no hint about an update, just the install button, well i pressed the install button and what happend? The update started 😉 After that starting the sim with the icon worked, and in the sim the second update started too. (The install button at the MS store confused me, i did not want to re-install everything but pressed the button anyway)
  12. If you dont run at 4k the newer cards are not needed, imho. I upgraded two years ago to a 42" 4k with a 2080ti, since then i cant imagine something lower, instead 8k is coming faster and actualy cheaper then you think! 😆 ah and yes my 3090 have so much more power then the old 2080ti.
  13. very interesting! i will test it tonight after work, thanks for the info!
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