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  1. forget it this forum is so full of toxic, i am out to a more friendly place.
  2. i would call it a bug, if this would happen everywhere then i would call it a joke. Never experienced this low fps before elswhere.
  3. LouP looks like the plane is no more availibel at payloadz and i cant find a new link at the forum, an help??
  4. Well since i am a big Valve Index fan, i can suggest you the Valve Index 😄 compared to the other HMD's the FOV is much bigger, best controllers and best tracking. It uses a 1440×1600 LCD panel for each eye for a combined resolution of 2880×1600 with a very big sweet spot. If you can, best would be to try the different HMD's before you buy one.
  5. 100 is to much for your CPU, i remember a few years ago in a VR game i realized my CPU was at 100, i then bought a big noctua nh-d15 cooler an temps then got down to around 60. Get a new cooler.
  6. way too complicated, i'll stay with my WYMF-5 😂
  7. have you removed the community folder completely? the game creates a new empty one, at least this helped my friend. Otherwise i dont know hmmm
  8. a friend of mine had the same problem, i told him to rename his communty folder ad restart the game clear, after that screens where ok, so it must be a problem with an mod or so inside the community folder.
  9. sorry this is complete wrong, in msfs af at x16 makes a hughe difference, you better check you gpu settings under win.
  10. https://steamcharts.com/app/1250410#48h and that is just steam not ms.
  11. i dont care about sim updates that much, japan or england, we haven't even started from there yet. i still fly with friends online in VR, seightseeing, mostly in the same favorite airplane, this fun have not changed since the beta.
  12. i liked the video stream, i always told beginners if they have problems taking off they should maybe turn on the rudder help, but after the information yesterday i wouldn't recommend that to anyone anymore, the help changes the flight physics too much elsewhere and in the end this is then an arcade mode. therefore always on hard.
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