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  1. I dont know, i turned '50 last year and i never needed glasses, but recently i need small reading glasses in the evening! 😅 Starring non stop on a TV or Monitor since the early '80 (Atari 400) and since 7 years using a VR Headset. So it could be the age or the TV's or both togheter 🤔
  2. who knows, maybe time compression will not work in combination with real world traffic.
  3. well one of the first simulated biplanes i flew was around 1982, and this was the Map showing the whole terrain 😅
  4. As a vintage airplane fan i hope for something like this: De Havilland D.H.82, Boeing Stearman PT-17 or Polikarpow Po-2 CSS-11 it would fit so nice in the FS2020 world! 😋
  5. a 2080Ti is really made for 4k! You dont have to worry, it runs every game/sim at 4k, if i change to 1440p or 1080p i get no additional FPS, because my bottleneck is the i7 4790k from 2014! 😄 Even with this old CPU i would say 90% of my sims/games are running @60+ fps in 4k. anyway upgrade underway this Weekend to a i9 9900k, bout time 😅 Bottleneck Calculator
  6. well if you like to experiment, you can manually test this VRSS in some games not supportet so far 😉 VRSS: How to enable it on custom Games (Not listed by Nvidia)
  7. THIS is what a real used cockpit looks like 😁 I sat in there today and took that picture, who guesses what kind of plane it is? 🙂
  8. i would welcome natural wear and tear, aircraft exterior & interior, over the days, weeks and months... similar to what A2A simulation does they even simulate corrosion from sitting too long and not flying!
  9. The game is still cooking, first ingredients are just ready, the rest is just peeled, gutted, cut, salt and pepper are not even added! And only with the dessert everything becomes complete! 😁
  10. just buy the high end, it will pay off anyway. No problems, everything on Ultra and in a few years you sell it easy for the half price anyway. Buy today a middle class GPU (same price you get back when selling your High end) and you will never be satisfied and nobody wants to buy it in a few years 😂 sorry back to topic.... 😉
  11. "wrong trees too high, snow not deep enough, missing snoring bears" this questions are from a Minecraft Forum! 😂😉
  12. Realistic would be when you come home from work and want to play flightsim but realize that a snowstorm is raging and nobody can start and you desperately turn off the computer. 😅
  13. well real weather will not help me to get snow where i live, no snow at all 😉 things changed when i was a kid we had snow, tho. so user defined weather will help me to see white christmas again, maybe ⛄ or snow at the pyramides! 😅
  14. last year i bout a xbox one x just for RDR2, i am still a 100% PC User tho!!! 😁 But i learned consoles are nice, throw yourself on the couch, press one button on the wireless controller and XBox & TV autostarts, very nice for casual gaming.
  15. if money dont play a role, i would get a Valve Index, for me personal the best Headset, especialy if you like full room scale games, unbeatable tracking for this kind of games. If you plan to just use it while sitting i would maybe get a Rift S, also a great HMD, both Headset's above have a good Software running with good suport. Steam VR and Oculus Software. the Oculus software is a little better than Steam VR, tho Pro tip: for a good VR experience you need a high end Rig, get always the best GPU possible.
  16. in VR its done different, the cockpit moves up and down in turbulences, comes closer when you brake, gets further away while throttle ect. This way you get no motion sickness but feel whats going up around you.
  17. Hey HiFlyer, i dont know if this fit's in here, but a free VR mod is availible to play GTA V in VR with any Headset ! 😋 Santa will not bring you a new Index because his elves are all out of stock, but if you already have one you can now use it to play my GTA V mod :-)
  18. couldnt said it better, not only for flightsims, i also race in VR and your driving skills improve you really getting faster then on standard 2 monitor. Your situational awareness while driving is something special, you allways know where your opponent drive around you, wheel to wheel races are possible without crashing. Just ask someone who moved from standard to VR racing. One othere thing try to estimate the distance and the altitude during the landing approach without VR 😅 back landing in 2D you miss so many informations, its harder. If you are interested watch this Video: Pro-Driver Tries VR Racing Sim (Comparison to Real-Life)
  19. 3200x160 ? wonder if this is a typo or what else? 166 grams sounds nice, but the 90-degree field of view not so, and does it have some kind of tracking for 6DOF? will keep an eye on this...
  20. Hey Alan, had the same prob then i did this: check your Microsoft account (https://account.microsoft.com) look under devices / all devices under each device there should be a "no problems found" if you see a problem under one device, try to solve the problem. Then in the forum log out and log in back. that helped me at least.
  21. what LB777 said, Asobo created a Virtual Seattle for the Hololens and that looked so stunning good that Microsoft asked if they can create the whole world with this techique and the rest is History, it ended in the new Flightsim 😋
  22. Real Pilots view on VR, this Video is from 2016 but still worth a view, because today we have even better VR HMD's. what Avidean said, there is no going back. War Thunder - VR Simulator with Oculus Rift / Full Set of Controls
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