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Ai Aircraft assigned xwind runway

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I have a couple of AFCAD's with xwind runways. On KLAS the ai aircraft are being assigned to the xwind runways (10m long runways). I have looked at the runway list and they have x next to them. Will any one be able to advise. I tried searching the forum and could not find anything. Many thanks

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In all my FS9/Afcad years I've never heard of xwind runways nor of AI planes somehow making use of such (special) runways. As far as my experience goes, approaching AI planes are only influenced by wind direction at any of their destination airports.

Take care though because wind direction at any AI destination airport can be set and permanently saved in two ways only:

1. When you've saved a flyable flight with a wind direction appropriate for one of the runways at the airport concerned. Only after you (re-)open that saved flight will you then be able to see AI planes approaching and landing on the resulting runway.

2. By setting the wind direction at your destination airport before saving your own flight at your departure airport. By the time you reach the destination airport yourself, AI planes will be landing and taking off there accordingly. You yourself will also be vectored by ATC to the same runway, which your AI planes are then using.

Sadly, wind direction can only be set and used at one of both airports, so when you've set a wind direction at your destination airport, the wind (and take off) direction will most likely be different at your departure airport.

If any destination airport has parallel runways, AI planes will always take the nearest one depending from which direction they approach.




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