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Simconnect Issues Within Single PC

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This is an odd simconnect issue, limited to problems only between programmes on one individual pc.

I have 2 pc - both Win10 - a new one running FSX and P3D v4 with the latter my main FS. The second pc - my old “main” one is networked and runs client systems such as vpilot, littlenavmap, AS Next etc etc. All these programmes run correctly integrated with my main pc via simconnect.

Today, to do some testing, I installed a clean FSX SE into the second pc. Install was normal, and FSX SE appeared to run normally  until I started to try and load add ons. Fsuipc4  installed correctly, loaded as “trusted” and showed on the add on menu and could be changed as necessary.

But any other add-ons seem to load correctly but did not appear on the menu. Applies to for example:

In exe.xml - EZDOK

In DLL.xml

FSLABS 320 - loads with dark gauges and no gear

iFly 737/747 -  As above - nothing on the menu

Etc etc

Others using simconnect

LittleNavMap - will not connect to FSX SE on the same pc (but will connect across the network to the main pc)

The “standard” AITraffic.exe test from the SDK /Core Utilities Kit/..../Samples folder fails (as it does if I try across the network from the new pc)

I have been using simconnect for years without problems but this has me boggle-eyed

So far, as well as the clean FSX se install I have reinstalled all simconnect.dll etc and carried out a full repair reinstall of win10 - including all updates.

As far as I can see (with my limited IT Knowledge) something in this second pc’s win10 installation is inhibiting simconnect between programmes within the pc.

Only option seems to be a reformat and full clean reinstall - before that would be v grateful for any other suggestions

Many thanks

John Rooum


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